Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day: The Real Story

Flowers and presents, kisses and hugs - sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day. On Thursday, the 14th of February, KIS was definitely filled with sweetness. Various delicious treats occupied the bake sale table; teachers exchanged holiday presents; and girls received beautiful roses.

Sounds very stereotypical. So what really happened on that day? Interviews with students opened up some "behind-the-scene" stories.

A few of the responses were indeed very loving and affectionate. "In my opinion, Valentines day symbolizes love and it is a day for couples to dedicate to each other," explained a secondary boy. "It was a really happy day as I spent it with my girlfriend." Another boy was even more open in his response, mentioning a particular girl. "It was a great day and one of the most memorable days all because of Amber," he proclaimed.

Some people though, specifically girls, did not possess such amorous opinions. "Well I think Valentines Day is kind of a made up day and it's kind of like any other day, " stated Eylul. "I think it's a good day to celebrate if you have a boyfriend but if you don't its kind of horrible.. Haha. I think it's taken too seriously, more than it should... Besides this, I spent it with my boyfriend." This view was also supported by Albina, who expressed that she does not take Valentine's Day too seriously. The day was special for her only thanks to "Komishka".

A couple of people held neutral opinions on the holiday. "It was just a regular day, nothing special," and "I just had fun with my friends, and most of my friends celebrated it as 'Thursday',"  two girls said. IB students like Benedetta also did not have much fun during Valentine's. "Well it's just a day like any other, I went to school and once I got home I procrastinated on my homework."

Still others seemed quite upset during this celebratory day. "It's a day when you understand how forever alone you are. I sat at home, feeling crappy," a student confessed.

Meanwhile, some "forever-aloners" took a humoristic approach on Valentine's Day. "Well, I woke up, I drank tea, then I slept for two hours, and then I opened my computer, and started my programming for business. And there was a romantic atmosphere between my computer and me," Kirill described. Another guy also shared an intersting story about the holiday. "I spent it at home looking at the picture of Megan Fox and dreaming of how me and her will live forever."

All of the feedback was incredibly different. Everyone had their own way of spending Valentine's Day. Nonetheless, it was probably a good day for everyone, including staff members, since February Break began a day later - on Friday. KISToday wishes everyone a positive and relaxing vacation. Don't worry too much over being alone. As Aura Dione sings, "At least I got my friends!"

By Olexandra Rovinska