Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Spring of New Sports and Activities

By: Nadia Rendon

A fierce debate has filled the hallways of KIS. Has Spring really begun, or are we still on the wait for its arrival? According to Ukrainian tradition, Spring arrived the first of March but with the continuous fall of snow and dropping temperatures, this has become something that is hard to believe. Thankfully, KIS has its own way of defining the line between Winter and Spring: through the sports and activities seasons!

Math Counts Team
A recognition rally was held on Monday, March 11 to conclude the Secondary School Winter sports and activity season. As the hard work and accomplishments made by the KIS  teams were commemorated at the rally, excitement towards the upcoming Spring season and everything it has to offer blossomed across the crowd. One by one, the participating teams of this year's Winter season went up the stage accompanied by the audience's continuous warm rounds of applause. The season's teams included basketball, math counts, swimming, and robotics.

As supportive Kozaks, nothing makes us happier than to be there for our teams. Unfortunately, we can't always do that, and because of this each team gave a little speech informing the crowd about the highlights of the competitions and the entire season. While some were more verbose than others, all speeches included recognition of the effort put in by both team members and coaches, and their passion to be the best. Some specific members were even congratulated on their outstanding performance such as Tim and Katja from the Varsity basketball teams who won an All Star award, and Joon who made it to the final round in math counts.

JV Girls Basketball Team
 Some coaches also included a reflection of their experience throughout the season. 
" I didn't know what to expect," informed JV girls basketball coach, Ms. Kitchens. " They taught me more about coaching than I could ever teach them about basketball. They gave it their everything. I'm very proud and can't wait for next year!"

Knowledge Bowl Sample
After an exciting demonstration of what goes on during a knowledge bowl competition, where the secondary knowledge bowl team defeated the team of teachers, Mr. Curry took the stage to once again thank all students and teachers for their excellent job throughout the Winter season. After adding an insightful thought, "we cannot let scoresheets tell us who the winners and who the losers are", he informed the student body on what's to come during the Spring. 
 The Spring sports that will be offered this season are track, volleyball, and tennis; all of which can be be taken at the same time. Softball will also be offered. The teams that will be traveling will be band and choir who will be going to Prague, the tennis team will travel to Istanbul, and the Varsity boys volleyball team who will be traveling to Moscow. The volleyball girls CEESA competition will be hosted here at KIS, as well as the track meet. 
KIS Today would like to congratulate the Winter season participants for all of the hard work put in throughout the season, and we wish all the best for the Spring sports and activity teams!
Robotics Team

Varsity Boys Basketball Team


Varsity Girls Basketball Team

Swimming Team

Friday, March 15, 2013

Let The Spring Begin!

Many People would consider Spring as the best season because it includes everything in itself:  A little bit of snow and cold in March, the beautiful month of April when the nature wakes up, making all the trees green, and May when it's warm outside and everyone is engaged with spending their days outside. When one thinks about Spring, nothing but a smile shows on the face.

This year Spring started with sun and warmth and a great event, International Women's Day. Though this day isn't greatly celebrated in the Western World, Ukrainian ladies are always excited for this day. For many people in Ukraine it's a big deal, since men need to prove how important women are to them. There are many opinions about if Women's Day should be celebrated, but women love it, no matter what. Some  say that there is no reason to celebrate this day and there shouldn't be a special day to show women that men care about them; men should be showing it everyday. Many others say that a day like this is a great opportunity to get all excited for a special day waiting for presents and gifts. Most women love this day since you don't need to have a boyfriend or a husband or children to get a gift on this day. Dads, brothers, friends, colleagues, and  sons and grandsons like to make women a little bit happier on the day as well.

Women's Day never leaves anyone disappointed since it is so easy to be happy on that day when men are being gentle and thoughtful, and women glow with happiness. This day can be special for women of all ages. Since we live in a social network world now, on this day, it is now common to receive posts of congratulations, photos of gifts and flowers, and photos of smiling faces.

International Women's day is a great way to start the wonderful season of Spring and remember that warmth and vacations are a little closer now, with Spring break right around the corner.

By Anastasiya Zamula  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HS Basketball CEESA

Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball Teams, as well as the JV Girls Basketball Team attended the CEESA tournaments last week. Varsity Boys positioned 6th in Warsaw, and Varsity Girls positioned 5th in Istanbul.

Meanwhile, the JV Girls competed with Budapest, Bucharest,  Prague, Warsaw, and Moscow here in Kyiv. At the end of the day, they proudly earned the 1st-place trophy.

The JV girls won 5 out of 6 games over the course of the 2-day competition. On the first day, they beat Moscow, Prague, and Bucharest. On the second day, they beat Warsaw and lost to Budapest. However, during the Budapest game, both of the teams  were leaning back and saving their energy since they knew that they would face each other again in 3 hours for the final battle.

The championship game ended with the score 33 to 24 in the Lady Kozak's favor. KIS dominated the game, falling behind only for a short period of time. The final quarter made the win especially clear as Stacy brought KIS into the lead with her continuous successful shots. 

These games concluded the 2012-2013 Basketball Season at KIS. The Spring sports are now starting, and students are preparing themselves for new challenges.

By Olexandra Rovinska

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Valentine's Fun in the Preschool

By Brian Jung

Lovely and Sweet, Mrs. Dubose had a Valentine's party in her classroom. The kids and teachers were dressed nicely. The room was filled with love. The kids were playing bingo, making heart cookies and playing other games as well. The door was attractively designed with hearts and flowers.

The  kids were focused on decorating their cookies. The teachers were also enjoying the art of cookie decoration. The Preschool Valentine's celebration was another fun event at KIS.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yearbook Sales

Attention! The yearbook orders are available for only 2 more days. Thursday is the last day! Make sure to order your yearbook.  Bring the signed order form along with the money to the reception or secondary office as soon as possible! The order forms are available at the reception, in the secondary office, on bulletin boards around the school, in the Kozak's Korner, in classrooms, as well as on the blog.

The yearbook is a book with the highlights of the school year,  it goes beyond the differences and unites everyone at KIS. The yearbook is scheduled to arrive by May 25th. Don't miss out on this treasure; hold on to your school memories for your whole life!

"It's a Team Effort"

It’s that time of year again where the basketball season is coming to an end. Secondary teams are getting ready to participate in their respective CEESA tournaments this weekend. This is where they get to see all of their hard work and effort they have put into this season finally pay off. I interviewed several basketball players from the secondary boys’ basketball team to see what they thought about being a part of the team was really all about.

Some of the members have only really started playing as part of a team, whereas others have been playing ever since they were young. I for one, only started playing on an organized basketball team when I moved to Kyiv three years ago. Before then, the only time I ever played basketball would be small pick-up games with my older brother and a few friends, and I was never very skilled. One thing I have noticed from  being a part of team sports, and as other members of the team that were interviewed would agree, is how much you are able to develop your skills and really grow as a player, no matter what sport it is. As Shi, small forward on the varsity team, said in regards to being a part of a team,  that it is where the individuals come together and put forth all their skill and what they have to offer for the benefit of the team. Each player has his weaknesses…” as he went on to say, but being a part of a team, it is the job of the other players to help and “cover up” those weaknesses. In other words, as teammates, it is our job to not only add our own skills on the table, but to help our fellow teammates to overcome and turn their weaknesses, into their strengths.
This all may sound like a lot of work, but as many great coaches, philosophers, and Maxi, starting power forward on varsity, mentioned that “the work you put in, comes back to you.” In other words, everything that you put in: the effort, hard work, hours of training and practice, is what you get back in return. This is not only in regards to basketball, or even sports in general. It is applicable to everything in life;  school,  jobs,  and relationships.

All of this is important in respect to being a part of a team because as teammates, you need to be on the same level, or the ability to “click” as a team, as Shi put it. This ability to “click”, simply means how well a team and its members are able to communicate, play and overall come together to do the absolute best they possibly can,  is a critical aspect of basketball and any other sports team. It’s important that it’s not just “one person going crazy” as Maxi stated, “It’s a team effort”.

Join me in supporting all KIS teams, as they go forth to CEESA this weekend and show what all of that hard work and team effort is about.

By Tim Roby 

Country Highlights: Paris- The City of Lights and Love

French Couple

According to the laws of conservation, certain things cannot be created nor destroyed. Although these laws are aimed towards scientific purposes, I believe that they can also apply to love.

March has come and February has left. The month of love, has become a thing of the past; Valentine's Day candies have been eaten, themed decorations have been put away, and the flowers that were given have now died. But just because we have moved on from the season of celebrating love, it does not mean that love itself has died, especially in the capital of love: Paris!

Hundreds, even thousands of couples choose Paris every year for a romantic get away. Wherever you go, you'll be able to find couples, local and foreign, enjoying of the enchanting sites and streets of the city, maybe sitting together at a café sharing a croissant, or admiring masterpieces at the Louvre. Paris's statues, as the capital of love is no secret. But what is it about Paris that makes it so breathtaking?

In a recent visit to Paris, a young couple approached me at the Basilique du Sacré Coeur and asked me to take a picture of them. I took this as an opportunity to reveal the mystery behind Paris's romantic magic.

irish Couple

"There isn't a particular thing that makes Paris a romantic city," explained the young Irish woman, "It's like an all inclusive packet; you have the great cuisine, the simple yet beautiful architecture, the amazing views, the classic fashion, the history and art, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. You can never forget about the Eiffel tower."

Enchanted by their own descriptions,  they ended the interview and left me free to roam the streets of Montmartre, a district of artists. There I found various couples, willing to be interviewed. When asked about what make's Paris a romantic city, they all mentioned the lights as a factor.

"There's nothing more romantic than walking during the night with the streets to yourselves, with the lights shining bright, and the splendour of our monuments looking over you," explained one Parisian guy, "It's almost intimate, even for us."

An accessory store owner also stated that what makes Paris romantic is that you find love "everywhere, and in any form". It doesn't matter if you're married, separated, single, or in a relationship; traveling alone or with someone. If you are on the look for a captivating vacation, Paris is definitely the place to go!

By: Nadia Rendón

Monday, March 4, 2013

MS Basketball CEESA

Congratulations to the Middle School Girls Basketball Team which received the 3rd place trophy at CEESA in Bucharest. Also, congratulations to the Middle School Boys Basketball Team which positioned 4th out of 8 teams in Prague. Well done, basketball players! Great way to end the season!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book of Memories: Order the Yearbook

Want to be reminded of the delicious food at International Night? Check out the accomplishments of the Humanitarian Club? Or remember the pride you felt when you won CEESA? Do you want to be able to look back at your school year 10 years from now and smile, seeing all your old classmates? Or share your school life with your family back home?

All of these things will be possible with the KIS 2012-2013 School Yearbook. This year it is promising to be particularly special, since it is the 20th anniversary of the school, so drop all your stereotypes and prepare for something new.

Yearbook Staff 
You will be able to order the yearbook starting already next week, March 4th through Thursday March 7th. The cost for one will be $50. In order to receive a yearbook you have to follow just two simple steps. Firstly, fill out the order form, which is available at the reception or the secondary office, or, you can simply download it from this post. Secondly, bring the completed form along with the money to the reception next week. The receptionist will give you back a receipt which will be necessary to hold on to so you can pick up the yearbooks. They are scheduled to arrived by May 25th.

This year the yearbook staff includes Vova and Aashna (Secondary II students), Alex and Kirill (Secondary III students), and Kay (Secondary IV student) "The students are working tirelessly to make the most AMAZING yearbook in 20 years!" commented Mrs. D'Ettorre, the class facilitator.

The yearbook will be available for orders only for four days, so don't hesitate. Book your yearbook this Monday!
By Olexandra Rovinska