Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book of Memories: Order the Yearbook

Want to be reminded of the delicious food at International Night? Check out the accomplishments of the Humanitarian Club? Or remember the pride you felt when you won CEESA? Do you want to be able to look back at your school year 10 years from now and smile, seeing all your old classmates? Or share your school life with your family back home?

All of these things will be possible with the KIS 2012-2013 School Yearbook. This year it is promising to be particularly special, since it is the 20th anniversary of the school, so drop all your stereotypes and prepare for something new.

Yearbook Staff 
You will be able to order the yearbook starting already next week, March 4th through Thursday March 7th. The cost for one will be $50. In order to receive a yearbook you have to follow just two simple steps. Firstly, fill out the order form, which is available at the reception or the secondary office, or, you can simply download it from this post. Secondly, bring the completed form along with the money to the reception next week. The receptionist will give you back a receipt which will be necessary to hold on to so you can pick up the yearbooks. They are scheduled to arrived by May 25th.

This year the yearbook staff includes Vova and Aashna (Secondary II students), Alex and Kirill (Secondary III students), and Kay (Secondary IV student) "The students are working tirelessly to make the most AMAZING yearbook in 20 years!" commented Mrs. D'Ettorre, the class facilitator.

The yearbook will be available for orders only for four days, so don't hesitate. Book your yearbook this Monday!
By Olexandra Rovinska