Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"It's a Team Effort"

It’s that time of year again where the basketball season is coming to an end. Secondary teams are getting ready to participate in their respective CEESA tournaments this weekend. This is where they get to see all of their hard work and effort they have put into this season finally pay off. I interviewed several basketball players from the secondary boys’ basketball team to see what they thought about being a part of the team was really all about.

Some of the members have only really started playing as part of a team, whereas others have been playing ever since they were young. I for one, only started playing on an organized basketball team when I moved to Kyiv three years ago. Before then, the only time I ever played basketball would be small pick-up games with my older brother and a few friends, and I was never very skilled. One thing I have noticed from  being a part of team sports, and as other members of the team that were interviewed would agree, is how much you are able to develop your skills and really grow as a player, no matter what sport it is. As Shi, small forward on the varsity team, said in regards to being a part of a team,  that it is where the individuals come together and put forth all their skill and what they have to offer for the benefit of the team. Each player has his weaknesses…” as he went on to say, but being a part of a team, it is the job of the other players to help and “cover up” those weaknesses. In other words, as teammates, it is our job to not only add our own skills on the table, but to help our fellow teammates to overcome and turn their weaknesses, into their strengths.
This all may sound like a lot of work, but as many great coaches, philosophers, and Maxi, starting power forward on varsity, mentioned that “the work you put in, comes back to you.” In other words, everything that you put in: the effort, hard work, hours of training and practice, is what you get back in return. This is not only in regards to basketball, or even sports in general. It is applicable to everything in life;  school,  jobs,  and relationships.

All of this is important in respect to being a part of a team because as teammates, you need to be on the same level, or the ability to “click” as a team, as Shi put it. This ability to “click”, simply means how well a team and its members are able to communicate, play and overall come together to do the absolute best they possibly can,  is a critical aspect of basketball and any other sports team. It’s important that it’s not just “one person going crazy” as Maxi stated, “It’s a team effort”.

Join me in supporting all KIS teams, as they go forth to CEESA this weekend and show what all of that hard work and team effort is about.

By Tim Roby