Friday, March 15, 2013

Let The Spring Begin!

Many People would consider Spring as the best season because it includes everything in itself:  A little bit of snow and cold in March, the beautiful month of April when the nature wakes up, making all the trees green, and May when it's warm outside and everyone is engaged with spending their days outside. When one thinks about Spring, nothing but a smile shows on the face.

This year Spring started with sun and warmth and a great event, International Women's Day. Though this day isn't greatly celebrated in the Western World, Ukrainian ladies are always excited for this day. For many people in Ukraine it's a big deal, since men need to prove how important women are to them. There are many opinions about if Women's Day should be celebrated, but women love it, no matter what. Some  say that there is no reason to celebrate this day and there shouldn't be a special day to show women that men care about them; men should be showing it everyday. Many others say that a day like this is a great opportunity to get all excited for a special day waiting for presents and gifts. Most women love this day since you don't need to have a boyfriend or a husband or children to get a gift on this day. Dads, brothers, friends, colleagues, and  sons and grandsons like to make women a little bit happier on the day as well.

Women's Day never leaves anyone disappointed since it is so easy to be happy on that day when men are being gentle and thoughtful, and women glow with happiness. This day can be special for women of all ages. Since we live in a social network world now, on this day, it is now common to receive posts of congratulations, photos of gifts and flowers, and photos of smiling faces.

International Women's day is a great way to start the wonderful season of Spring and remember that warmth and vacations are a little closer now, with Spring break right around the corner.

By Anastasiya Zamula