Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Spring of New Sports and Activities

By: Nadia Rendon

A fierce debate has filled the hallways of KIS. Has Spring really begun, or are we still on the wait for its arrival? According to Ukrainian tradition, Spring arrived the first of March but with the continuous fall of snow and dropping temperatures, this has become something that is hard to believe. Thankfully, KIS has its own way of defining the line between Winter and Spring: through the sports and activities seasons!

Math Counts Team
A recognition rally was held on Monday, March 11 to conclude the Secondary School Winter sports and activity season. As the hard work and accomplishments made by the KIS  teams were commemorated at the rally, excitement towards the upcoming Spring season and everything it has to offer blossomed across the crowd. One by one, the participating teams of this year's Winter season went up the stage accompanied by the audience's continuous warm rounds of applause. The season's teams included basketball, math counts, swimming, and robotics.

As supportive Kozaks, nothing makes us happier than to be there for our teams. Unfortunately, we can't always do that, and because of this each team gave a little speech informing the crowd about the highlights of the competitions and the entire season. While some were more verbose than others, all speeches included recognition of the effort put in by both team members and coaches, and their passion to be the best. Some specific members were even congratulated on their outstanding performance such as Tim and Katja from the Varsity basketball teams who won an All Star award, and Joon who made it to the final round in math counts.

JV Girls Basketball Team
 Some coaches also included a reflection of their experience throughout the season. 
" I didn't know what to expect," informed JV girls basketball coach, Ms. Kitchens. " They taught me more about coaching than I could ever teach them about basketball. They gave it their everything. I'm very proud and can't wait for next year!"

Knowledge Bowl Sample
After an exciting demonstration of what goes on during a knowledge bowl competition, where the secondary knowledge bowl team defeated the team of teachers, Mr. Curry took the stage to once again thank all students and teachers for their excellent job throughout the Winter season. After adding an insightful thought, "we cannot let scoresheets tell us who the winners and who the losers are", he informed the student body on what's to come during the Spring. 
 The Spring sports that will be offered this season are track, volleyball, and tennis; all of which can be be taken at the same time. Softball will also be offered. The teams that will be traveling will be band and choir who will be going to Prague, the tennis team will travel to Istanbul, and the Varsity boys volleyball team who will be traveling to Moscow. The volleyball girls CEESA competition will be hosted here at KIS, as well as the track meet. 
KIS Today would like to congratulate the Winter season participants for all of the hard work put in throughout the season, and we wish all the best for the Spring sports and activity teams!
Robotics Team

Varsity Boys Basketball Team


Varsity Girls Basketball Team

Swimming Team