Thursday, April 25, 2013

National Honor Society

There are many outstanding students in the KIS community, but those students stand out among the rest become a part of National Honor Society.

Basically, anyone who wishes to become a part of the honoured group has a chance to fill out the application and nominate himself. All of the candidates are closely studied by a committee to be recognised as an honor student. Only those students who dedicate themselves to be a part of the KIS community by participating in activities, clubs, and being outstanding in class. They are also recognised by their character. A respectful and positive attitude  as well as fulfilling the success orientations are important aspects that are considered by the committee for NHS. If you know that you deserve to be recognised as an outstanding member of our community, NHS is for you. The new members will be inducted on Monday, April 29th at 2 o'clock.

Good luck to all of those who have applied; congratulations to the new members.
By Anastasiya Zamula