Friday, April 5, 2013

Semaine Française

 French Week was celebrated at KIS bringing many French speakers together for contests and a concert. To embrace learning of different languages, one week in the school year is dedicated to each language to create contests, concerts, and field trips.

This year French week consisted of three main parts: poetry contests, game « Questions pour un champion », and a concert.

For the poetry competition, each student was able to participate in Le concours poetique and those who won received small gifts and their poems published in the Kozak Korner. All participants put a lot of effort into this contest, but only the most talented won. Here are the winners for each difficulty level:
Advanced level: Oleksandra Rovinska, Sec.2
Intermediate level: 1st place – Anna Mukeriia, 11 y.o., 2nd place – Anna Pogoriler, 12 y.o., 3rd place – Sofia Davydenko, 12 y.o.
Beginners: 1st place – Kalyna Rondiak, 11 y.o., 2nd place – Mokhinur Sultanova, 12 y.o., 3rd place – Jiwon Lim, 13 y.o.

Game « Questions pour un champion » consisted of questions about France and the French language involving all the French students who wanted to participate. The winners were determined by the greatest amount of right answers. French 1 and 2 were the only ones to participate and the winners were French 1 – Yana Sokoltsova, and French 2 –Anton Bevza.

Mr.Rehberg and Mr.Berezhny giving out the poetry contest awards .
The Concert was the final and most entertaining part of the week. The French students sang French songs and read their poems. The French teachers acknowledged the winners of the poetry contests, and the audience participated in the show by singing with the participants and applauding. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming.

Weeks like this, make us appreciate other languages more and learn something new about diverse languages represented and studied at KIS. Vive le France!

Alors on Danse!!
By Anastasiya Zamula