Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Art Decorates the Halls of KIS

By Brian Jung

6P Spring Door
The 6 year old classes have been designing and making art for Spring to put on their bulletin boards and doors. Mrs. Rehberg's class wrote poetry about what they would like to do during Spring. The other 6 year old classes have been working diligently as well to create Spring masterpieces.

I visited Mrs. Rehberg's 6 year old class to talk to a couple of students about their poetry and drawings. The students described their drawings and gave me details about Spring.
6R Fryderyk

Fryderyk gave me his thoughts about Spring: In the Spring, we get rain.  
 Fryderyks Poem:
In the Spring we get rain, and I get to play with Hyein. I'll go on a train to the country of Spain.

Hyein described her picture about Spring: I am sitting in the grass drawing a Korean flag watching the butterflies.

6R Hyein

Hyein's Poem: 
In the Spring, I play tag. 
I'd like to draw a Korean flag and put it in a special bag.

The 6 year olds seem to enjoy Spring, especially after the long winter we experienced in Kyiv. Let's hope they have loads of fun In May too, and enjoy the rest of the Spring! 

6P Bulletin Board

6R Jacob's Poetry 

6R Bulletin Board