Thursday, April 25, 2013

Springtime Activities at KIS

10K and 10B field trip participants

By Brian Jung

Flowers, warm weather, butterflies and ice cream, spring has bloomed at KIS. Some of the events that are happening in the elementary at KIS are field trips. Ms. Bruce's and Mr. Black's 10 year old classes went to the Botanical Garden on Thursday April 18th.

Some of the 10 year olds shared stories from their experience at the Botanical Garden.

Sasha: On the field trip, we did a scavenger hunt. We had a list of things we had to find, and my partner Shivani and I found this thing, maybe a seed that looked like a shrimp with a color of green.
 Saumy: I think the cool thing we did was at the end of the field trip, some of us went to an animal center in the gardens and released butterflies. Other students went to eat ice cream.
Victoria: Something I really found interesting was the flowers. When we found the cacti they were all different kinds and they looked like worms; it was really funny. My friend Nicolas said they were all worms and they were going to kill us and we were running away from them because they were so spiky.
Jeong Woo: The Botanical Garden field trip was very interesting because I could feel the nature. Ms. Bruce gave us an assignment to find seeds and leaves. We went to a plant museum where we could see really big leaves, beautiful flowers, and butterflies. Overall everything was beautiful and I felt the nature.
Nikita: When we went to the Botanical Garden, I felt all the nature of the world, because there were plants from all over the world, like tropical and under water plants. Then we went to the reptile zone, where we saw lots of reptiles.

Many other elementary classes are planning field trips as well. The 10 year olds experienced reptiles, butterflies, cacti that resembled scary worms and plants from all over the world. It will be interesting to see what other elementary students experience on their field trips.