Thursday, May 9, 2013

20th Anniversary: Ani Yoseliani

By: Tim Roby

This year Kiev International School is celebrating the 20th Anniversary. The school has come a long way since 1992 and in order to get a better, and a real feel of how far this school as come, KIS Today decided to do a series of interviews of people who work, study, and overall have been a part of this school for many of those 20 years. Who better to ask then a student who has attended KIS from first grade all the way to her senior year of secondary school, 12 years, Ani Yoseliani.

KIS has evolved over these 20 years of its existence, from  small beginnings, both in the sense of size of our facilities, and people, (students, staff, parents), to the KIS community that we know today. When asked about what the school was like before, in her earlier years of attending KIS, Ani shared that it was “weird to look back at my childhood and realize that I am still in the same place” because  KIS has changed so much. Ani described one specific change when she remembers looking out of a window at this “giant fenced area where we (young students) thought ghosts lived.” That was the beginning of a new soccer field that students began playing on not even a year later.

Ani Yoseliani.
When asked specifically about what differences she had seen as she moved from grade to grade she talked about how she remembered moving to the next grade level in elementary being a “very big mile stone”. She talked about how you would always be preparing for the next step whether it was middle school or secondary school and “in constant fear that it was going to be terrible and hard”. However, she then went on to say that embracing change is something that we do very well at KIS as a whole.
“I think that is what this school does best, is preparing you for the fluidity of life…that’s the best lesson I have learned here, life changes.”
I then asked about her final impressions of KIS, now that she is leaving to go off to the next step in her life, as compared to that of her first impression of KIS. She responded in saying that her final impressions were overall of a good and thankful nature. As compared to her first reaction of going here 12 years ago when she said she cried a lot because she thought her parents would never come back for her. I then asked how that changed since then, and she responded in saying “I don’t cry anymore, hahah.”

So here’s to all those who have graduated, are graduating, and will graduate, whether they have been here for 12 years, or even just 1 or 2, and also to the 20 great years of KIS and hopefully many more to come.