Wednesday, May 1, 2013

20th Anniversary Feature Story: Small Town Guy with Big Dreams

This year is very special for Kyiv International School since it is the 20th anniversary of our school. Due to such an event KIS Today would like to present a series of articles to give recognition to people that have been standing with our school over the years.

Mr.Berezhny's home town Severodonetsk 
The story of this teacher starts in a small city of Severodonetsk in Eastern Ukraine where Mr. Berezhny grew up and gained his love for the French language from the songs that he carries on to his students. Love for the French language is a part of Mr.Berezhny’s life, and he shares it with his wife who grew up with Mr. Berezhny in the same town and then attended the same university. Growing up in a small town, Mr. Berezhny was always a determined person. To prepare for university, Mr. Berezhny studied French on his own since the school program wasn’t well established. Spending a lot of time studying during his last high school years paid off with great accomplishments in Linguistics University, which proves his motto “Everything is possible”.

His personal characteristics of being so determined and hard working gave Mr. Berezhny not only the education and career that he wanted, but a great family as well. Mr. Berezhny’s wife who supports him from school years until now, shares his love for French  by being a teacher also in an international school in Kyiv. They not only have similar jobs, but their hobbies are alike as well. Constant road trips around Europe, annual voyages to Crimea for camping, savage life, badminton, those are only few of all things that Mr. Berezhny enjoys doing with his wife and daughter, who has already graduated from university.

Reflecting back on his years at KIS, Mr. Berezhny remembers the time 16 years ago when there were less students. Teachers had to share classes, or sometimes even teach in hallways, but he enjoyed the communication that he had with other teachers with the opportunities to see them many times a day.  Now the school is more comfortable, since every teacher has his or her own class, but Mr. Berezhny misses that interaction with his colleagues when KIS first began its journey of educating children.

Mr. Berezhny is an example of a person whose hard work and determined spirit gave him all that he wanted and his story should be shared with many people to inspire hope of where life can bring you, even if your journey starts in a small city in Eastern Ukraine.

By Anastasiya Zamula