Thursday, May 23, 2013

20th Anniversary: Our Registrar

Even if there is darkness, this one Ukrainian lady will light up KIS no matter what. This lady loves bright colors, especially yellow, and she is always energetic.

Ms. Bogush was born in Ruzhym, a small town in Ukraine. She lived in her hometown until the last 3 years of her schooling, then she went to a boarding school. It was a school with an expectation of higher level. She had to pass exams to be accepted. After finishing high school, she went to university and received a degree as a teacher of Ukrainian language literature and English.

A friend invited her to be the receptionist at KIS. Coincidentally the reception use to be where Ms. Bogush's room is now. After working as a receptionist for about 3 years, the position of registrar became avaliable, so she decided to apply. Ms. Bogush has been working at KIS for 10 years

When I first came here, there was total of only 180 students and the list of students would fit on one A4 paper. But this year, we have 727 students. When I first came, there was only an elementary building operating and the secondary building was in process. After my second year here, the secondary building was finished. Later on, the middle school building was added, secondary containers were added and the new gym was added.

Ms. Bogush loves reading, running and she participated in 5K race for the first time this year. Also she loves swimming and watching American TV shows and movies, that is how her English improved.

"KIS is quite dynamic," said Ms. Bogush. "Something new happens every year so I never get bored working here." She said, "My future is KIS."

By Brian Jung