Thursday, May 9, 2013

20th Anniversary: A Piece of the Peaces

Does the name Juan de Paz sound familiar? Are you trying to think of all the Spanish people you know? If so, you're on the wrong track. This person is a fully Americanized teacher at our school. His name is Mr. John Peace.

Many TCK students at KIS struggle with the question "Where are you from?" - and Mr. Peace is able to relate. Born in the Philippines, raised in Chicago, and now living in Ukraine, he can be labeled as a third-culture kid. "I pretty much lost my cultural heritage and I can’t even speak my native language. In fact, I know more Ukrainian words than my native tongue," he commented.

This is Mr. Peace's 10th year at KIS along with his wife Mrs. Peace. The couple has been together for almost 25 years and they have raised 4 children. Each piece of the family was once a part of KIS either through work or studies. Currently, Mr. Peace, Mrs. Peace, and Ms. Peace remain while the others are pursuing their education in Chicago.

Prior to Ukraine, Mr. Peace spent his life in the United States. "I grew up like a normal American teenager and played a lot of sports like American football, basketball and soccer," he explained. Chicago is where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and his master’s degree in Administration. After working for 6 years at an American public school, the family moved to Ukraine.

Family Picture
Mr. Peace's first impression was quite positive as he found Ukrainians "friendly, humble and hospitable." At the same time though, he was surprised and not used to "a lot of salo, dark bread and wine." Over the years, many changes have taken place in the country as well as in the school. "I can only say that it's [KIS] been getting better and bigger. The campus is beautiful and now there are so many activities to do here besides getting a good education," added Mr. Peace.

As Mr. Peace concluded, he and his wife are happy in Kyiv and plan on staying here for the upcoming years.
It's been fun and convenient for our family to work together as teachers here. I have a lot of friends among the staff and there are a lot of great students here. My family really likes working at KIS, our home is here and also our church is here. So we are planning to stay a long time in Kyiv. Kyiv is a great city and KIS is a great school.
By Olexandra Rovinska 

Family Picture 2004