Monday, May 27, 2013

20th Anniversary: Technological Progress

Living in the 21st century makes it essential for everyone to be familiar with technology and KIS isn't an exception. 20 years ago KIS had hardly used technology in any way, while today no one can imagine KIS without the Moodle.

Originally, Moodle was a middle school innovation that became extremely useful during the H1N1 crisis in Ukraine when the school was closed for about 3 weeks. Prior to the epidemic, Moodle usage was low. During the week before the H1N1 crisis, less than 2000 logs were recorded on the Moodle. Once the schools were ordered to close because of the fluenza, the weekly log on November 16, 2009 peaked at 100,697. Mr.Snyder was the actual mind behind the idea of introducing KIS to the Moodle system. Other schools adopted the system due to the H1N1 crisis. 

With the collaboration of KIS teachers, the idea of Moodle grew into something more than just a way to submit your work to a teacher.  Mr.Snyder explains what Moodle is today:
Mr. Ron Snyder, Director of QSI Global Online Learning
Right now, all of the schools have access to a virtual learning environment based on Moodle. It is called the QSI GOLD (Global Online Learning Delivery) System. The IT team in Kyiv continues to help support its maintenance and upgrades. We have also started a full online school (my job) that offers students online classes in all QSI schools. Eventually, I want to build an online portal where teachers across QSI can share lesson plans, assessment ideas, etc. for all of the units and incorporate that into GOLD.
Here is a graph of how tough it was for KIS to adopt the Moodle system at first tries:
It's difficult to believe that today Moodle and technology in general plays such a great role in the academic life of our school with all of the online databases, email system to communicate with teachers, parents and students, and even the blog on which you are reading this article. New ideas are taking  our school to a higher level in order to make it better. Recently the school came up with the idea of giving out I-pads to teachers to help integrate more technology in the classroom.

KIS is continually taking steps to improve, and technology is another step forward.

By Anastasiya Zamula