Thursday, May 30, 2013

6 Years Olds Melting Hearts While Singing

Can you imagine more than 60
6-year olds organized,  and singing on the stage? This can be true only in dreams or in the concerts that are organized by Ms Lastovych. She managed to organize a series of concerts for the elementary students in which more than 60 students sang at the same time and showed moves that corresponded with the lyrics. This just sounds impossible to organize, but nothing is impossible when you love your job,  an example that Ms. Lastovych proves.

All of the students were singing the songs and dancing at the same time, while the auditorium was filled with smiling parents filming their children. Tones of flowers and compliments were all sent towards Ms. Lastovych, but she deserves it like no one else because while some parents have a hard time organizing one or two kids just to sit down, she managed to organize 60 children to perform on the stage at the same time.

Thankful parents and children will never forget those moments, and let us all appreciate and wish inspiration to teachers who manage to organize such events!

By Anastasiya Zamula