Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Choir & Band Festival @Prague

The Anglo-American School of Moscow, American School of Warsaw, American International School of Budapest, American International School of Bucharest, International School of Prague, International School of Belgrade, and Kyiv International School united at Prague for the annual Choir & Band Festival last week.

The International schools performed songs from various cultures including Bulgaria, France, and Mexico, celebrating the diversity of the community. The lack of competitiveness in the event added to the friendly atmosphere under the direction of Mr. Nelson from Moscow and Mrs. Jones from Kyiv.

For 2 consecutive days,  the band and the choir rehearsed over twelve hours of music. Sport players began to realize that this is more difficult than basketball CEESA! However, all the effort was worth it as 100 students combined together for the final performance on Saturday night.

The trip was a great success! I have been to quite a few festivals, and this one was definitely a blast, commented one of the participants.

Whoever missed out on the fabulous concert is very welcome to rewind it through the following link -

By Olexandra Rovinska