Friday, May 24, 2013

Secondary Volleyball CEESA

This past Friday, KIS hosted the secondary girls’ varsity and junior varsity (JV) volleyball tournaments. Teams from various international schools from Europe including Prague, Istanbul, Warsaw, Bucharest, and our city, rival PSI. 

Junior Varsity B Team
Teams played against each other once, and then their records determined who played in the finals, third and fourth place game and fifth and sixth place games. Half of the games were played on Friday and the others, including the finals, were played on Saturday. KIS had three teams this year for the girls’ CEESA tournament,: two junior varsity teams(JV-A and JV-B), as well as a varsity team. The JV and Varsity tournaments were played as two separate tournaments. 

Junior Varsity A Team holding their 1st place trophy

All of the teams played great and had a wonderful tournament, each with their own shares of ups and downs. Watching the tournament became a series of these highs and lows. At some points, one would become more and more nervous as the other team began to close in on the other or the building up of  excitement as one of our teams began to come back from behind or take and gain more and more of a lead. Even when some of our teams lost they was never a dull game or a blowout; each game was a hard fought struggle to which the girls gave it their all. 

In the end, our JV-B team and varsity each got fifth in their respective tournaments. However, we were able to take home some hardware with the JV-A team winning 1st place in the JV tournament. Also, every year an all-tournament team is picked from all the varsity teams with each team picking someone to represent them as the best-overall team player from their team. This year Linda
Varsity Girls Team - Linda Lastovych (bottom most right)
Lastovych was the all-tournament player from our Varsity Girls team.

However, that’s not all that happened this past weekend. Secondary boys also had their volleyball CEESA in Moscow. They had a great start to their tournament with a record of 4-1 (4 wins, 1 loss) on the first day. Yet, sadly, they were unable to keep up this pace and came home with 4th place just after barely losing to Moscow for the 3rd place seat.

Hopefully you were able to watch part of the tournaments this year and if not, you are strongly encouraged to do on Saturday May 24th when KIS will host a track invitational. A school picnic will follow the track meet in the morning. A great time is had by all and it’s an exciting event to be a part of with a wonderful atmosphere. Lastly, we should give a big thanks to Mr. Curry, and Mr. Chapman for without whom, this tournament couldn’t have been the great success it was.

- Tim