Saturday, June 1, 2013

20th Anniversary: Born to Be a Teacher

Bora Bora, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Vienna, Seattle, Amsterdam, Krakow, Belgrade, Cairo, Istanbul, Prague, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki are only a few of places that Mrs. Smayeva has visited. As you probably have realized, traveling is her passion, but it's not the only passion that she has.

When Ms. Smayeva was 5 years old, she already knew that she would become a teacher. She gathered all the small kids in her neighborhood and gave out candies. Now the same tactic works for Ms. Smayeva's students.  "Students deserve a little treat at the end of the day," she says. Ms. Galina believes that in order to be a teacher you need to be born that way. During one of her travels to India, she was told that it is her destiny to teach, but she gives up a lot of energy to doing what she loves. "Students that like to learn and consume the information that you give them" Ms. Galina explains, " teaching takes a lot of my energy, and I am so exhausted after a good lesson". This is why she chooses to travel, as her way to relax. Ms. Smayeva prefers to travel by herself, so that she gets to see the places that she would like to see.

Ms. Galina's favorite place to travel: Bora Bora
Ms. Galina has been teaching for 40 years, half of which she has spent at KIS. Initially, she was working here as a Ukrainian teacher that didn't speak a word in English,  then, she began teaching what she was meant to: Russian language and literature.  As a former student of Ms. Galina, I have to say that those were the classes that everyone was waiting for.

In Ms. Smayeva's opinion,  our school went through many changes, but the students stayed the same, because no matter who she taught and how long ago it was, they still stay in touch with Ms. Galina. While Ms. Smayeva was talking about her students, the unchanging smile was shining on her face. As Ms. Galina explains: "When I see my students perform well in their life, I realize that I didn't live for nothing".

Teachers like Ms. Smayeva, make our school traditions and keep the connections, even after 20 years of its existence.

By Anastasiya Zamula