Tuesday, June 4, 2013

20th Anniversary: Changes at KIS

The Kyiv International School was founded in 1992. Over the 20 years of its existence, numerous changes have taken place. Locations were changed, new structure have been added, and old facilities have been renovated. In short, the school has been getting bigger and better.

These are the 9 major changes that have been made in the past:

1. The main building used to be designed differently from the outside. It was made out of bleak-white  tiles. About 5 years ago though, it was re-built into what we see right now. Currently, the school is a smooth yellow color.

2. Before, KIS consisted solely of the main building. As the number of students increased, containers were added one by one. The most recent one was installed this year at the end of the elementary school structure, where an additional 5-year old class is located.

3. Up until 2 years ago, the lobby was styled completely differently. However, the gray images have already faded from our minds as today, the reception area appears bright and red, matching our school colors.

5. The mini-pitch which we see today used to be covered with grass. There was a spacious area with a large playground. Now, 3, spacious and  newly-equipped playgrounds are placed in the front of school. The mini-pitch is often used for PE and other activities.

The Start of the New Gym in 2010

6. Throughout most of KIS' history, there was only 1 gym. It used to have a green floor, unlike the red one we can see today. A second gym was added to our facilities in 2010.This serves as a useful contribution for CEESA tournaments, musical productions, and other school-wide events.

7. Cars used to park on the school grounds all the time. During KIS community gatherings like picnics, the whole street was filled with vehicles. This year though, the problem has been eliminated as a new parking area has been built in front of the school entrance.

8. Up until 5 years ago, KIS had no seating on the black top area between the buildings. The students had limited opportunities for outdoor relaxation. Today, there are picnic tables and benches provided throughout the school grounds for everyone to enjoy.

9. The school did not always such an excellent sports field. At first, the terrain was covered with grass and the track was made out of asphalt. Presently, the artificial-turf field is outlined by a rubberized running track. Additionally, our sports complex includes a sand-pit, a scoreboard, and lights for evening activities.

As for the future, Mr. Rehberg highlighted 3 main renovations which are being planned for KIS:

1. The preschool area is intended to be reconstructed in order to meet the growing needs of the community.

2. The school is looking to reconstruct the cafeteria. It will remain in the same place, but color and design will be added for a warm and enjoyable dining environment.

3. In the distant future, a new dramatorium/theater is necessary. Because of the increasing numbers in our school, student and staff meetings require a larger room for sufficient seating.

With every year, KIS is rapidly growing. As for the 2012-2013 school year, there were 147 full-time faculty members and 723 students. Reassuringly, Mr. Rehberg concluded, "We'll look at every way we can to be able to build and expand."

By Olexandra Rovinska