Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yearbook Drama

A great ceremony took place last week where the yearbook staff presented a KIS legacy - the yearbook. Throughout the week, books were bought, sold, and signed. Finally, the secondary drama class put a closing point to the yearbook production.

On Friday, the 31st of May, students of Mrs. Jones' class performed the final production of the year - YEARBOOK. Under Ani's direction, the cast combined all major aspects of the Kozak life in a 60-minute show.

The whole crew worked together to put on this play. Kamilla took care of the sound and lighting, while Lucia managed the stage. The rest of the students, using their acting skills,  demonstrated KIS as it is. Some of the scenes included the following features: Miranda Curry opened up the unfortunate story of Kozak basketball players, Stacy Zeegers revealed the girls' anticipation before prom, and Maria Rogova showed off her wonderful singing talent.

YEARBOOK was a great success. The audience was very pleased, as were the producers.  Ani Yoseliani summed up:
All I can say is that this was a journey. The 12 people that were a part of my cast were simply 12 secondary students, who got together and produced an entire play. There are many aspects that go into a production, from raising money, to re-writing the scripts, to making sure every prop is accounted for. This was a very challenging but rewarding experience for me and my cast. My class gave me creative freedom and helped mold my ideas into a fantastic play.  The show was a hit!

By:  Olexandra Rovinska