Thursday, September 26, 2013

Striking 12: Upcoming Musical!

Striking 12
By: Rebecca Rommen

KIS is to perform a rock musical (Striking 12) directed by Kristina Jones this winter! Actors, actresses and musicians participating will be Middle and High School students.

Until last year, Kyiv International School wasn’t known for its theater productions. The school hadn’t put on a big show for nearly 6 years, although a lot of its 750 students wanted to. Then Dr. and Mrs. Jones (music and drama teachers) decided it was time for KIS to show its artistic side. Mrs. Jones directed “Annie Jr.” and cast anyone who wanted to participate (from elementary kids to seniors). It took two months of busy rehearsals as well as months of planning beforehand, and in October of 2012 the cast performed the musical two nights in a row, both times to large audiences and great success.
Last Year's "Annie Jr." Cast
(©Kirsten Maher, October 2012)
Kristina Jones, our school's musical director!
(©Kirsten Maher, October 2012)

Striking 12, written by Broadway writers Brendan Milburn, Rachel Sheinkin & Valerie Vigoda, has a much smaller cast but will take longer to prepare; hopefully it’ll be just as successful (if not more) as “Annie” was!

The upcoming crew and cast members had this to say:

“I love performing since it gives me an opportunity to express myself, as well to collaborate with other musicians. I believe that this year's musical will be a success and I look forward to it”, says Gio Nikolaishvili, 16 (band member).

“I believe that the little assistance that takes place in the production is an important part and maybe the most important part but because of it not being noticed, it's usually looked upon as minor and insignificant when the production would cease to exist without it”- Vaibhav Pahel, 14 (light crew member).”

“The auditions are on Tuesday, so I'm not sure about what it's going to be like and I don't even know if I'll even get in, but I'm really excited! I wanted to participate in the musical last year, but I couldn't because I didn't have time. This year, though, I'm really looking forward to the production. I think that the character roles are quite demanding, but hopefully my passion for singing and acting will help me succeed”- Olexandra “Sasha” Rovinska, 15 (aspiring cast member).

“At first I wanted to be in the cast but I changed to make up, because my friend says that I am REALLY good at that, and I enjoy putting make up on other people to make them look beautiful.”-Amelie Schoppa, 15 (makeup crew).

Humanitarian Project for Fall: Snack Attack

Humanitarian Project for Fall: Snack Attack
By Radia Miqdadi

       Snack attack, what is that? Snack attack is the donation of snacks for children at local orphanages. The humanitarian students will be building a pyramid with the snacks they have collected in the lobby. The humanitarian club has started building a pyramid with what they have collected. Their objective is to reach the ceiling! Anyone can participate and be a part of this project!!!  In fact, by participating you get your name entered in a weekly draw for a free ice cream at the snack bar. For a chance to win, all you need to do is bring snacks (no snacks that need to be refrigerated) to Mrs. Bateman’s classroom. The deadline for this humanitarian cause is October 10th
“Snack attack is a great way to help others,” Lena Klimov 7 year old.

“I hope we collect a lot of snacks so we can make the orphans happy,” said Gloria Kravchenko 6 year old.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Middle School WWW: A 90% Positive Experience

Middle School WWW: A 90% Positive Experience

By Radia Miqdadi & Rebecca Rommen

From September 2nd to September 6th, our Middle School students enjoyed a week of fun team-building activities in Crimea, under the supervision of a volunteering team of enthusiastic teachers.
Week Without Walls, commonly abbreviated as “WWW” or “Camp” is an annual KIS tradition for our Middle School students at the beginning of the school year to bond and get to know each other better. The purpose of these 5 days is for the students to feel more at home and comfortable with their peers and environment.
Thus it seemed that Crimea was the ideal place to have it this year; just north of the Black Sea, Crimea is one of Ukraine’s most popular holiday spots and a great tourist destination. The students and accompanying staff stayed at “I&Camp”, a large resort especially designed with kids with modern facilities, pools, and rec rooms providing fun games for all.
I&Camp Resort, Crimea
MS Dance
There was also a “school” dance (school away from school!) one evening during which the kids got to have fun with their friends and dance the evening away.
“We went to the beach, played volleyball, played air hockey, and did fun activities at the pavilion” offered Maya Rondiak, 13.
“It was a great opportunity to make new friends and bond with old ones!” said Sewon Lim, 13.

“My best experience was playing football 3 hours straight and having lots of freedom to hang out with my friends!” eagerly said Dogukan Kantoglu, 13.
“One of the most fun activities we had was the scavenger hunt, I’ll never forget that” Ziad Miqdadi, 12, tells us.
“Camp was my 2nd full week in Middle School and I loved it!” shared Isabel Rommen, 11.
Overall we’ve heard lots of positive reports about this year’s WWW and hope that future ones are just as successful!

Group shot at the beach
That said, students did have a few complaints about some aspects of the experience. They took the bus to camp instead as the train (which is what has been done in the past). The bus journey took  16 hours, so altogether the travel time was 32 hours round trip. Students said the buses were uncomfortable. Had they gone with the train, there would have been more space to walk and relax according to Dogukan Kantoglu, 13. 

This, however, may have been slightly exaggerated because as said by 12-year-old Kalyna Rondiak, “The bus trip wasn’t so bad. The seats were comfortable enough. The only irritating part was having to stop for bathroom breaks.” 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Message From The Person Ostensibly In Charge

Testing ... testing ... is this thing on?

Hello out there in the blogosphere. I think we may be up and running for the 2013-14 school year.

Keep your eye on this space for an ever-evolving array of news and notes from in and around KIS, all of which have happened -- if not today -- than in the very recent future.

Anyone interested in contributing to the blog should feel free to contact or approach any of the Media I students (Hi, Radia! Hi, Rebecca!) and make it known you have things to say!!

That's it for now!

Saturday Soccer is Back

Saturday Soccer is Back!
           Rebecca Rommen

© Kirsten Maher
Saturday soccer started again last week! It will continue throughout the autumn season and goes from 9-11am. 3-11 year old kids can improve their skills with Mr. Prima and experienced High Schoolers coaching/refereeing them, and volunteering parents demonstrating fun activities to help them excel at the game.

It’s a great opportunity for elementary students to pull on a pair of cleats and come out to play soccer on the school pitch.
“I love going to Saturday soccer because I get to see my friends and play soccer with them!” says Juliette, 6.

"The look on the kids’ faces when they score a goal, when they finally figure out how to juggle the ball, when their parents are on the sidelines cheering them on... it's nothing but heartwarming” put in Amber Curry, who’s helping coach and referee.

KIS Season Is On Its Way

By Radia Miqdadi

This KIS Kozaks are starting a new season. Fall activities (our busiest season according to Mr. Curry!) include soccer, cross country, tennis, speech and debate, HOSIC, and robotics which all have started last week from 3:45 to 5:30. 
When we asked Mr. Curry about KIS activities, he answered, “We offer a variety of sports and activities and there is an opportunity for everyone to participate.” Upcoming activities offered will be math counts, choir, band, math, knowledge ball, basketball, swimming, cultural arts, MUN, volleyball, softball, track and field.
This week, the high school boys and girls soccer played their first game against KCA. The boys won a score of 6:1 and the girls a score of 3:0. Good job Kozaks, great way to start the season!
 The middle school soccer has also started practicing and are looking forward to their games. The cross country team will be hosting.