Thursday, September 26, 2013

Humanitarian Project for Fall: Snack Attack

Humanitarian Project for Fall: Snack Attack
By Radia Miqdadi

       Snack attack, what is that? Snack attack is the donation of snacks for children at local orphanages. The humanitarian students will be building a pyramid with the snacks they have collected in the lobby. The humanitarian club has started building a pyramid with what they have collected. Their objective is to reach the ceiling! Anyone can participate and be a part of this project!!!  In fact, by participating you get your name entered in a weekly draw for a free ice cream at the snack bar. For a chance to win, all you need to do is bring snacks (no snacks that need to be refrigerated) to Mrs. Bateman’s classroom. The deadline for this humanitarian cause is October 10th
“Snack attack is a great way to help others,” Lena Klimov 7 year old.

“I hope we collect a lot of snacks so we can make the orphans happy,” said Gloria Kravchenko 6 year old.