Thursday, September 12, 2013

Saturday Soccer is Back

Saturday Soccer is Back!
           Rebecca Rommen

© Kirsten Maher
Saturday soccer started again last week! It will continue throughout the autumn season and goes from 9-11am. 3-11 year old kids can improve their skills with Mr. Prima and experienced High Schoolers coaching/refereeing them, and volunteering parents demonstrating fun activities to help them excel at the game.

It’s a great opportunity for elementary students to pull on a pair of cleats and come out to play soccer on the school pitch.
“I love going to Saturday soccer because I get to see my friends and play soccer with them!” says Juliette, 6.

"The look on the kids’ faces when they score a goal, when they finally figure out how to juggle the ball, when their parents are on the sidelines cheering them on... it's nothing but heartwarming” put in Amber Curry, who’s helping coach and referee.