Sunday, October 13, 2013

Clash of the Classes

Clash of the Classes

By: Rebecca Rommen

                On Friday, October 11, a StuCo-organized event was held at our school campus. It took place from 7:30 to 10:30pm and its purpose was to unite our high school grades and to emit a feeling of homeliness and comfort among the students.



This is the second time our school has organized this event. Last year’s was a huge success, and it was said by many of this year’s attendants that this one was just as fun, if not better.

Gio Nikolaishvili, StuCo president commented “Honestly, it is hard to compare the "success" of events. I really cannot say which one was better or which was worse, however, I can definitely say that the budget for this year's Clash of the Classes was larger, and the attendance was also more. Ultimately, I believe that both of the events were very successful, and everyone who attended was satisfied.”
The event included a bonfire, lots of fun games (including twister… with a twist! Shaving cream was sprayed onto the mats and the contestants had to work with that obstacle), free drinks and pizza, good music, a freshman-and-new-student-initiation, and 14 Chinese lanterns which were lit by class representatives and released into the sky.
               The bonfire was set up by maintenance and blazed strongly and warmly for most of the night. The music, taken care of by Vova (a junior representative), included everything from rock to Latin music to the Game of Thrones title song (played during initiation, in which students went in pairs around the bonfire and were “initiated” by Kunal and Dijana, seniors.) The games were competitive but fun, some divided by grades, and some mixed. The lanterns took a while to organize and light, but it was all worthwhile when on the count of three, they were all released from the field into the moonless sky, and then admired by the students.

“The lanterns […were the best part of the evening]. It was the first time for me to light one up and reminded me that I have only 8 months left in Kyiv”, noted Shi Hyun Kim.

“Everything went much better than expected. Although the planning process took a lot of effort, at the end it all paid off and the StuCo members were happy with the results.” Said Gio.
           What’s more is- the whole night was organized by students from our community, practically single-handedly (with just a bit of supervision, guidance and assistance from our secondary counselor, Mrs. Barton.)!
Student Council 2013, organizers of the event
(Chiara Poliak, Maryna Markowicz, Gio Nikolaishvili, and Lala Chzhan)

Chiara Poliak, StuCo treasurer said: “In the organization of Friday's event I contacted Coca Cola and organized the quantity and the delivery of all the drinks. I arranged for all the money that was needed for the event to be taken from the business office and then used that money to pay for different things (like the food, props for games, lanterns). On Friday afternoon, I worked with Gio and our class representative Vova to set up everything for the event. In my opinion the event was extremely successful. Everyone said they had fun, there were plenty of drinks and food, and all grades were brought together and new friendships were made.”

Maryna Markowicz, StuCo VP: "I believe the most successful part of the event was reaching our goal of uniting all of the grades together and enhancing the esprit de corps of KIS’s High School. One example of this was when all of the grades helped each other out during the tug-o-war activity!"

Shi Hyun Kim: “Honestly, I'll have to give it to this year's STUCO. Not only did they improve on our ideas, but were better organized. I supported my friends who ran against these guys, but I respect them for what they have them. Way to go STUCO!”

Nastya Kershaw, a freshman at KIS, had this to say about her first ever HS event- "It was exiting and funny especially since I got initiated first and I was totally lost and confused. The high school in general was very fun and exiting. BUT I liked the initiation process because it was very dramatic!"

Hopefully “Clash of the Classes” will be just as fun and successful for years to come!