Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Class Representatives

By Radia Miqdadi

      On Friday, October 4th class representatives were announced. A class representative job is to represent his or her class in StuCo meeting or events and to ensure that his or her classmates are informed.  Running for class representative allows one to have an opportunity to exercise leadership, opinions, concerns, ideas, and it looks great on college applications. All week, the secondary students worked hard to fill in their applications about their experiences in order to be nominated as a representative. Unexpectedly, it was decided that all those who wanted to run for class representative were accepted. All in all, the StuCo has twelve secondary student representatives. 

Gregory Kulchychkyj, secondary 3 class representative, explains why he ran for class representative, “Being a representative gives me the great opportunity to help strengthen the community in KIS, and allows me to make people happy and satisfied throughout their time at school. I plan to support and help this year's STUCO to create a favorable, fun, and successful environment for our high school. I also plan to take issues and advise from students in order to create solutions that will improve  all aspects of KIS. I ultimately want to finish the school year knowing that I have helped create a more perfect KIS!” 

Rebecca Rommen, secondary 1 class representative, clarifies the job of a representative, “We discuss ideas for school events and give our opinions. During events, we help set up, clean up, and ensure that everyone is having fun. Our task is to support tSuCo and enable them to have equal cooperation from all high school levels. If the StuCo memebers are unsure about a decision concerning an upcoming or ongoing event, they ask representatives for feedback. Also, as a class representative, it's our job to advertise StuCo organized events to the students in our grade."

Maria Rogova states her plan as a secondary 2 class representative, “My plan for this year is to unite our class and always be able to communicate with each other. As a class representative, I am responsible for expressing what my class likes, what my class's ideas are. I are sort of the messenger between the StuCo and my classmates. I am responsible for updating my classmates about the coming up events, making surveys, and making sure that the students in my class are willing and are exciting to participate. I am excited, because it is my first such kind of job and hopefully it will introduce me to how it all works, and by the time I try myself as StuCo, I will have some knowledge.”