Tuesday, October 1, 2013

KIS Student Council: Re-Elected!

KIS Student Council: Re-Elected!
By: Rebecca Rommen

Last Friday, September 27, 2013, with less than a month’s worth of preparation beforehand, 10 student council candidates gave their final election speeches which would result in the submission of the student body’s ballots.

This year’s campaign proved to be competitive; before the actual Election Day, there were no obvious favorite candidates. During campaign week, creative posters (tagged “propaganda” by some) were put up around the school, adorning the walls and windows of KIS. Small pre-election speeches were made throughout last week as well, each appealing to their different audiences.

Since it was still a tight campaign, it all depended on the speeches made on Friday. Each candidate had a 3 minute time limit to speak. Some students showed small clips advertising themselves to their audience, while some got the audience all hyped up and cheering; whichever method they used, all presentations seemed to make a lasting impression: but only four students could fill the seats as Student Council representatives.

The four positions in the student council are: treasurer, secretary, vice-president, and president. The treasurer organizes the income and student council’s bank; money throughout the year is earned through fund-raisers/dances/lock-ins, etc. in order to host other entertaining StuCo-sponsored events.

To no one’s surprise, Chiara Poliak (Italian), 16, was elected treasurer. Presumably because she was the only one running for that post. Nonetheless she gave a convincing speech, persuading the crowd she’d do her best and put their money to good use.
I ran because I wanted to help make a difference in our school”, she said, “and because I think being treasurer will teach me skills that will be useful in my future. This year I plan to create memorable events along with my fellow StuCo members and make sure everyone's money is used in the most efficient way possible.”
Chiara Poliak, StuCo Treasurer
(C) Emma Alman
Three people ran for secretary: Albina Aliyeva, Lala Chzhan, and Max Nguyen. This position had the closest polls; it was the tightest campaign. In the end, after a reassuring speech about her positive aspects and responsibility, Lala Chzhan (Chinese), 18, was voted secretary.
“I want to bring more to this school and I ran for secretary because I have a lot of ideas and propositions for the school year” she stated confidently. “My main goal is to make this year unique and unforgettable for students and teachers. I want the whole HS to be united and have a lot of fun together.”

Lala, Chzhan, StuCo Secretary
(C) Emma Alman
The roll of Vice-President also had three potential takers: Vik Nguyen, Maryna Markowicz, and Ivanna Klymenko. All three of them gave inspirational speeches and brief backgrounds about themselves, before describing their goals for the upcoming year. Maryna Markowicz (American), 16, won through her bright attitude and enthusiastic speech & video.

“I believe I have the best experience to make a difference and improve the already great school environment we enjoy.  I felt my seven years at KIS gave me a good foundation to accomplish this challenge.”

Maryna, Markowicz, StuCo Vice-President
(C) Emma Alman
The president holds the most desired title, of course. Even the name boasts an air of superiority, but in StuCo- it’s not. The president’s job in StuCo is to ensure that fun and success are being had by all. They are in charge of a lot of decision-making and event-organizing, but it’s a strict democracy with the student body. Olexandra Rovinska, Gio Nikolaishvili, and Nikita Chadyuk were the three determined candidates for this head position. Gio Nikolaishvili (Georgian), 16, used props to entertain the audience during the prelude of his speech. The important content of his speech was still enticing to the audience, aiding him in his win.

Gio Nikolaishvili, StuCo President
(C) Emma Alman
I've been determined to run for StuCo president since the beginning of my sophomore year” says Nikolaishvili. “I've always considered being a Student Council president to be an opportunity to make sure people enjoy being a part of school, as well as an amazing personal experience overall.
“This year, my goal is to organize the StuCo system as well as possible in order to progress over the year efficiently while having tons of fun events as well as useful fundraisers. I am willing to sacrifice as much of my own time as necessary in order to give everyone a chance to enjoy school in the company of their friends.”
When asked about balancing out the four secondary grade levels to unite them and make them more equal, he replied-
“Concerning that issue, StuCo decided that its first task should be to organize an event sometime over the next month which would accomplish exactly that. Although nothing's set in stone for now, we're gradually coming up with a lot of good ideas.”

With this amazing, diverse group of StuCo representatives, let’s make this year a memorable one!