Monday, October 7, 2013

MSG Soccer CEESA: Effective Sportsmanship Portrayed!

MS Girls’ Soccer CEESA: Effective Sportsmanship Portrayed!

By: Rebecca Rommen

Last weekend our middle school girls’ soccer team travelled to Moscow, Russia for their CEESA (Central Eastern European Sports Association) tournament, from October 3 to October 6. The event was hosted by AAS (Anglo-American School) and involved 7 Eastern European international schools.

Despite being defeated by 5 out of 6 opponents in the overall results, the girls did not come home empty-handed. We now have a new addition to our polished KIS trophies- MSG sportsmanship ’13! According to Kate Paugh, 12, they earned it by “by being nice to other teams on the field and interacting with them on a regular daily basis.” The fact that they won the sportsmanship award proved a much more important skill- friendship, aesthetic appreciation; this greatly sums up the success orientations we expect in our school environment.

Even then- the actual games weren’t to no gain. Due to a tight CEESA calendar, as annually promised, the girls had had scarcely enough practice hours to prepare for the approaching tournament. After 2 exhausting days of endless matches, their skills improved drastically and they fought hard to reach the maximum of their capabilities.

“I think CEESA trips are too soon in the year - a lot of people have never played soccer before, and people that have are out of practice. A few weeks into the season, BAM, a soccer tournament! I think that getting 6th place (not last), despite most of our team being new to soccer, is an amazing accomplishment. We really learned how to work as a team and learned from the other teams there. They helped us become stronger and we are now ready to kick ass in the Kiev League.”- Catarina Buchatskiy, 12.

“The memories I will cherish were made on the field. The thrill of playing soccer is unforgettable, and the friends that I made on the field have a special place in my heart.” Buchatskiy also reminisced with an aura of nostalgia.”

“I grew closer and got to know some of my friends better and I will always remember playing soccer and the amazing experience to travel to Moscow when I am only in middle school” reflected Maya Rondiak, 13.

It is evident the girls worked hard, and learned to appreciate some of the most important life lessons- friendship and sportsmanship! Great job Lady Kozaks!