Friday, October 18, 2013

Park Clean-Up!

Park Clean-Up!
By: Rebecca Rommen
Photos Courtesy of Kamilla Hák-Kovács
          A fundamentally important part of our high school is the “Student Service Council”, aka the “Help Club.” Volunteering students earn service hours by helping our community through projects, including helping local orphanages and finding more efficient systems for our school’s cafeteria food waste. Not only do these students get extra credit and get this bonus feature on their college applications, they get to be active citizens in their community and experience publicly demonstrating aesthetic appreciation and other success orientations taught at our school. This year our help club is booming with over 40 eager and enthusiastic secondary students participating. A lot of them aren’t in it for the beneficial application assets, but are really just there to help out in their city.

Polina, Alice, Paula, Kamilla (Sophomores!)

                Last week, on Thursday, October 10, a large group from the help club put on rubber gloves and dragged along [eco-friendly!] trash bags to the forest next to our school campus and spent a few hours picking up littered garbage and [potentially-harmful-to-the-environment] items strewn about. Everyone had lots of fun and got to help the environment.

After the event, Kirill Skorobogatov, environment group leader of the student service council, said this to participants: “Amazing job today guys! I was stunned at the amount of garbage that was collected. Today we helped the environment and the park bringing a change to the surroundings. Next time we will also gather together and clean up some more. Tears brought into my eyes after that realization of character and our willingness to help that we demonstrated today. I am proud of you all.”

Kirill Skorobogatov

                Linda Lastovych, a KIS senior optimistically reflected on their hard effort: “The park clean-up was a memorable experience for all of the SSC members. We collaborated together in order to achieve our goal of establishing a cleaner environment. It was a great opportunity to help create a clean environment. The Environmental Project was a huge success, as we were able to collect more than 20 bags of trash that was dispersed in the park. The SSC plans to continue regular clean-ups of the park. We encourage other students who are not ignorant, to participate in the project, which has positive effects on the environment, the participants, and the local population.”

Linda Lastovych

Another senior, Kunal Sharma said “It was well organized, well done, and overall it was a good project. The best part was just the joy of imagining that possibility we started something that will continue and soon enough this park will be clean; so I gained satisfaction of being able to help the environment around our school.”

Kunal Sharma

Most of our Student Service Council 2013