Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yearbook Pictures

By: Radia Miqdadi

The green room has been very busy and crowded! These two weeks have been very intense not only for the Yearbook and Media II students but also for the students and teachers. Yearbook pictures have started and are almost finished! Many students have been looking their best for their yearbook picture. The process has been long but is rapidly wrapping up. The photographer, Dimitry, has been working very hard to get individual portrait pictures of every KIS student and staff. It has been quite a challenge for the school to get everyones picture taken but the Media II students have done a great job taking care of everything. This week, the students will be getting their class picture taken. This means that all the students will have a picture with their classmates taken. This process will be shorter and a lot funner! The class picture also includes a silly face picture! By the end of this week, the yearbook pictures will be all finished!