Monday, November 4, 2013

All School Picture Preceding Fire Drill

By Radia Miqdadi

On November 1st, every class and staff member of KIS came out to the field for a group picture.

The secondary students spelled out the word "KIS" while the middle and elementary school stood in a line under the word to underline it. Even the staff participated in the picture! The photographer was on the roof with a few Media II students to assist him to be able to capture the moment.

The words KIS were taped on the field which made it easier for the students to find their positions. The whole process was well prepared in advance in order for the students to be able to find where they should stand. 

“The idea of taking a picture in this form was unique and gives us a special school photo which represents the cohesion at KIS,” Daniel Leichte, from Secondary II, remarked.

"The class picture we took on Friday bestowed a present of being a part of KIS to every single one of us," Alice Kim, from Secondary II, mentioned.