Friday, November 1, 2013

Christmas Musical Alternative

A Christmas Carol

By: Rebecca Rommen

It was previously announced on the blog that the middle and high school students were to perform "Striking 12" in the dramatorium in December. Due to complications with the band, we are unable to continue rehearsing this play. Instead, a fair compromise has been devised by Kristina Jones, director: We will be putting on "A Christmas Carol", which was originally written by world-renown Charles Dickens and originally takes place in Victorian England, in the mid-19th century. Set designers and assisting teachers helping with the musical have changed the theme to a "modern hipster" scenario.The remaining band members will still play the musical numbers, and will be situated on a platform attached to the stage during performance (which is still undergoing construction!). This cast is bigger and there are more roles to distribute; rehearsals have already begun, and right now the script/lyric-memorization and blocking processes are taking place! We can already guarantee its success.

Disney A Christmas Carol wallpaper