Monday, November 11, 2013

HS Girls and Boys CEESA

By Radia Miqdadi

On November 6th, the high school varsity girls traveled to Budapest to compete in CEESA. The girls won 5th place out of 7. The scores were 1-1 against Moscow, 0-0 against Istanbul, 4-0 win for Budapest, and 1-0 against Bucharest. Although the girls didn’t win first place, they came home with a big “Sportsmanship” trophy. The trophy will be added for display in the trophy cabinet. What a great way to start the CEESA year girls! Go Kozaks!

“The first day of games were so much fun and we were all pumped,” Molly Romero, Sophomore, explains.

“We only lost one game but we didn’t really care because we tried our hardest,” Angela Black, Senior, mentioned. 

“Ceesa was great! I grew closer to my teammates and made new friends. We did our best and although we didn’t win, we are looking forward to getting 1st place next year,” Maria Samaylova, Sophomore, replied.

The Team with the Sportsmanship Trophy
The Team
The high school varsity boys traveled to Istanbul where they competed in CEESA. The boys came 3rd out of 6 places. Frane Vidosevic made history breaking the record of most scored goals! The scores were 5-3 win for Moscow, 3-1 win for Warsaw, 5-2 win against Prague, 6-7 win for Bucharest, 6-2 win against Istanbul, another 2-0 win against Istanbul, and a 7-1 win against Bucharest in the finals! Great job Kozaks!

“We would like to congratulate the Varsity Boys Soccer Team for getting 3rd place on Ceesa in Istanbul this year! They showed great skills, effort, and group interaction, both on and off the field. This is the first soccer trophy in the red division. Special congrats to Alex, Andrew, and Frane for getting in the all star team of the tournament. Andrew showed great effort and leadership skills as captain, Alex performed great with 17 assists, and Frane broke the record of Ceesa by scoring 14 goals. Great job Kozaks!” responded Andrew Totuan, Senior.

“On behalf of the soccer team, we would like to thank our coaches mr Kauffman and mr prima for dedicating their time to this team. Without them we would've never gotten this far. Go Kozaks!” added Frane Vidosevic, Sophomore.