Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ishaan has won the sixth day's prize package. Ishaan got a nice little teddy bear from The Renaissance Hotel and a swag bag for his advisory group to share provided by Samsung. He also triggered the release of the sixth clue in the Grand Prize Puzzle. (See above.) 

Here's how he did it:

The puzzle has two parts. You must combine them to solve it.

First, what noun fits this definition: In Greek and Roman mythology, the food of the gods; or something very pleasing to taste or smell; or a dessert made with oranges and shredded coconut.


Second, what is a synonym for all of these words: delightful, pleasant, nice, agreeable, marvellous, wonderful, sublime, superb, magical, informal, terrific, fabulous, heavenly, divine, amazing and glorious.


Tomorrow's clue is open to all the Secondary 2 Classes. Thanks to everyone who competed!