Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sasha R. and Martna I. have won the eighth day's prize package by realizing that the answer was Mr. Peace. (The old dudes in the clue are both Leo Tolstoy, who wrote War and Peace. In case that wasn't enough of a hint, the cartoon Tolstoy is clearly a gym teacher.) Sasha R. and Martna I.will likely have to dissect their nice little teddy bear from The Renaissance Hotel and have already shared the Samsung swag bag with their IB film class. They also triggered the release of the eighth clue in the Grand Prize Puzzle. (See above.) Tomorrow's clue is open to all the Secondary 4 Classes. Thanks to everyone who competed! And thanks also to all the staff who are generously allowing us to interfere with the first parts of all these morning classes. It is noticed and MUCH appreciated by the entire Media I team.