Monday, December 15, 2014

KIS Students Winter Plans

Santa's Visit

This is my video.

Middle School Science Fair

New Sports Team Members

There are a new players on our two winter season sports this year! Some are new to KIS, some just came up from middle school and some just decided to try a new sport. But what it is like being a new team member?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mr. Prima made a movie!!

So, you know how your teachers told you, "While you had a long weekend, we had to work so hard ..."?

I bet you thought that meant lots of long meetings, right?

Well, not for the PE department. They did this crazy cool stuff.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Recognition Rally

Videos were taken before, after and during the recognition rally. Interviews of the athletes were also taken and put into this video as an overview of what took place at this event.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

KIS Fall Recognition Rally

The Recognition Rally took place on Thursday and here are some stills from the event regarding Boys JV Soccer and Girls Soccer.

These stills were taken by Robert Litwin from the Media team, photoshopping was done by Vaibhav Pahel. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

KISMET TV Is On The Air (Part Deux)

Here is the second (of many) videos created by the Media I class.

This one looks back at the Fall Sessions in Sports and features more interviews with students and staff.

Phillip, Albina, Vaibhav and Robert worked on it.

Amber, please don't be mad, but Phillip thought our video needed a blooper reel ...

Mr. Hume


Here is the first(of many) videos created by the Media I class.

It looks back at the Fall Sessions ofActivities, and feature interviews with students and staff.

Pasha, Sam, Sayuri and Molly worked on it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Last five minutes of the semi finals game. Lady Kozaks were beating Penguins (Moscow) by one goal. Coaches told girls to go on defense and stay focus. The golie was worried, the defense was strong and midfielders moved to defense too. Offense was waiting on the other side for the pass so they can score another goal. Lady Kozaks didn't give Penguins a chance to score a goal and moved to the other side and…Final whistle!!! WE ARE IN THE FINALS! GIrls ran to their coaches and hugged them, all together they did their traditional winner dance. Though the biggest game was ahead.
Six hours later girls were on the field again. Now we were thinking about all our moments as a team- our first practice, our first game with KCA and our victory, our game with PSI, and how suddenly we lost one, how one week later we beat them again, how we played with Ukrainian team and its negative behavior, but still didn't give up, how we won the Kyiv League. We became a team, a team who already beat several teams on CEESA. Nobody on this tournament thought that we would be even close to the semi finals, and now we are here, in the final game. We knew that our team wanted this victory more than anybody else and our coaches repeated this a lot of times. So we warmed up and were ready to play… This time we were facing girls from Prague. It was already dark and raining. The pressure was on from the first minute. The weather made it harder to make clear passes and run without slippering, but it didn't stop girls. All they were thinking about was victory. "Let's do it for Ukraine!" screamed one of the girls. And then girls scored their first goal! 1-0, Kyiv was leading the game. It seemed like we forgot about everything, about school work, about fights with some friends, about war in our country, all we thought out was about this game. For the first time in school history, girls were in the soccer final. Final whistle…And we are the champions. We made it. We made our coaches proud, we made each other proud. We became a team we didn't think we will be when we got all together on our first practice. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Bus Departures

Every day the buses roll in the schoolyard at the same time, each with its on parking spot. Everything  well organized and drivers has gotten used to doing the same thing everyday over and over again. Drivers need good coordination and driving skills to fit in here but the most important is that they have to be patient, kids don't always remember the time or forgot to go the bathroom etc.

Now let me tell you about the process. First of all the drivers must be on time and start their engines 15mins before school ends. Buses go find their parking spot and after 10 minutes, all the buses are in the correct position. Drivers getting ready for the kids to come back after a long day. Some driver fixing their vehicles, others cleaning but the majority is going around and reuniting with their fellow drivers.

Kids starting to jump into the buses and when the bell goes off, kids everywhere. Drivers keep on doing what they need to do before departure. 5 minutes before all the buses will leave, the drivers make sure all the kids are to be found.

The buses start their engines and they are all gone in about 3-5 minutes, depending whether kids remembered to get to their buss. Great work to all the drivers and buss coordinators for keeping the buses departures clean and simple.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Soccer Indoor Development Academy

What is this Soccer Development Academy? Oh, it's nothing, just a little idea our school had for the Elementaries for this year, regarding their Soccer skills.

Like many other new activites we have at KIS, volunteers are already signing up for the big picture of Soccer practices, and are very eager to improve their abilities of the game, from running as fast as possible to headbutting the ball as hard as possible. Mr. Prima who supervised the preperations for the first games and the sign-ups, confirms an approximate number of 25 students of various ages signing up for the games, and that they will all most likely see this as both time to learn Soccer like pros, and enjoying it like ones.

This also seems like a huge opportunity for another international event that is ought to bring the students of many nationalities together. Not only is this program ralying young elementary students for players, but also HS and IB students as helpers to coaches or coaches themselves. "Some of them have no clue about Soccer, but they're coming and they're looking at other Secondary Soccer players who learn step-by-step" says Mr. Prima.

All supervisers of the Soccer Indoor Development are promising that as soon as the weather gets better, games will be prepared outdoors. In this case let's hope that it will happen soon as the first game will officially begin this Saturday.

From a Group to a Team

The High School Girls Great Big Win 

Before the running and the busting our hearts into the game of soccer, the high school girls CEESA team headed to the airport not knowing what the outcome of the tournament would be like, but willing to give it our all.

When is there a better time to take a selfie than finding out you have made the semi-finals. "Act like you have won before." Mr. Curry trying to calm the excitement of singing and dancing.

The last game was won against Prague 1-0. Even though we were wet and exhausted, there was no feeling like winning when you fought so hard. Our team was more like a family, we yelled at each other but we would protect our players from anyone. I guess you could say we were like a family, we worked well together. Coming from probably the smallest school in the CEESA tournament, it was also a big victor for KIS with the first win in the red division. I know we came a long way and it was definitely worth it. 

Radio show about MUN


This CEESA was very successful for Lady Kozaks! In semi finals girls competed with Moscow and ended up with a score of 1-0. And in finals girls played with Prague and beat them by one goal.
We want to congratulate girls and thank them for brining the trophy home.

Knowledge Bowl Radio Show

Sunday, November 9, 2014

11 Year Old Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam on November 5th

By Sayuri Iwasaki

On November 5th in the first period, Mr. Clements' and Ms. LePouttre's classes held a Poetry Slam. The eleven year old students recited their poems in the Dramatorium to an audience of their peers. 

"These three students introduced the poetry slam"

Many students remembered their own poems with understanding 
and entering into another's feelings very well.

The students did great on using gestures and eye contacting with the audience.

I could see that the students hard practice on presenting their poetry for the day.

The prize winners were Lukash Kulchyckyj in the third place, Georgia Feekins 
in the second place, and Alex Gubar in the first place. Great job!!

Many parents came to the poetry slam to see their children's great presentations.

All the students did great job on presenting their fantastic poems!!

MUN Trip to the Hague

The Photo Report of the MUN Trip to the Hague

 The school facilities were amazing.
 The sea located 10 minutes of walk from the school was beautiful.

 Some friends enjoyed it too much.

 The group picture of MUN team of 2014.

Proud to represent Interpol
Everything good finishes sooner or later.

Who is Your Favourite Person?

Who is Your Favourite? 

You know whats hard? Trying to take pictures and interview these energetic 5 year olds during show and tell. I thought this would be an easy task but whenever I talked to them, they would always run away or hid behind someone else. Another dilemma is that most of the kids did not speak english. It was hard to get stuff out of them but what I did find was that there is another universal language than math and it's kid. In KIS there is a huge mix of nationalities and a lot of the small foreign kids probably have another foreign language. Despite that fact, they were all playing together and they were all friends. Kids don't need to speak the same language to play with other kids or even get along. KIS being such a close community and diverse school, the kids are so much more united and get along really well. I tried to ask them all one question: "Who is your hero?" and I got a few answers. 

Who is Your Favourite Person?

"I love my brother because he is in my family and he is nice and I need to tie my shoe"

"My hero is my friend Jasmine"

"My hero is my littler sister because I lover her very much"

Friday, November 7, 2014

Interview Regarding This Year's Talent Show

Preparations for this year's talent show are in full swing, so to find out more information about the upcoming event, I conducted an interview with Dr Jones:

Question 1. For how many years have you been in charge of the talent show and do you still enjoy being a part of the process?
Answer: Well, it’s my 5th year here at the school so I guess I’ve been doing 5 years’ worth of talent shows. I share the responsibility with the two elementary teachers, Ms. Sveta and Ms. Larissa, they do a lot of work as well. It’s always enjoyable, it’s always exciting to see what kids come up with. I work more with the MS and HS show, it’s exciting to see what students do. And these hidden talents that I had no idea about. 
Question 2. Is there going to be anything different about this year’s show?
Answer: Well right now we’re actually kinda disappointed. There are only three high school acts which have signed up. So at this point, I don’t know if there will exactly be a show. So we’ll have to combine the elementary, MS and HS shows unless we get some last minute entries this year. It’s always kind of the same thing, the same sorts of acts. I’m excited because some of the Korean students have put an interesting quartet of violin, guitar, piano and clarinet. And one of the students has arranged a piece of music for that. So I’m excited to hear what they have to do.
Question 3. Have you been doing anything to advertise the show besides putting it in the announcements?
Answer: It’s been in the Kozaks corner and we’ve been making sure we talk about it with little kids we see coming through music classes. We especially try to push it with MS, we see all of them right now and they tend to be the group which has the least representation in talent shows. The elementary kids, they come out, they love doing this. I’m really surprised we don’t have many entries in the elementary school. We usually have 40 entries from there. The elementary class teachers, we talk to them about it and they’re gonna promote it to their kids. The kids I see who do it from time to time, I talk to them personally. We don’t hang posters or anything like that. I think a lot of people are just too busy.
Question 4. What is the purpose of having a talent show?

Answer: Well it’s a really great showcase, I think. In terms of the classes that HS students have to take, you don’t do a lot of music. It’s tough to fit electives into the schedule and so not many students get an opportunity to do those sorts of things. And in the 4 years of HS, you might take one or two music courses. But there are a lot of kids here that are very musical. And I say musical but the talent shows involve more than just music. We get kids who do dancing, we’ve seen a couple kids who do stand up and we’ve seen some martial arts routines, you know, quite a variety of acts. But mostly musical, I think it’s a really great opportunity for students who can’t take a music class or sing in the choir or be in the band or something like that to have an outlet for what they do. I find that people enjoy showcasing their talents. They like to have the validation where people clap for them and say “You know, that was really amazing”. All that time you’ve been spending taking lessons, your parents have been forcing you to take your piano lessons or violin lessons or something, makes it worth it when you see the looks on your classmates and teachers faces and they say “Wow that was really amazing, I did not know you could do that” I think it’s really valuable we do these things by giving students opportunities to perform for us. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

How do the Announcements Work? By: Sam, Sayuri, Robert and Molly

This is the second audio segment produced by the Media I students to give them practice using audio recording software to tell stories.

There's another long bit of dead air at the beginning - the audio starts at 0:00:10.

Enjoy. We'll be doing more of these in the near future.

Mr. Hume
How Announcements Work
BY: Albina, Philip, Vaibhav, Pavlo

This is the first audio segment produced by the Media I students to give them practice using audio recording software to tell stories.

There's a long bit of dead air at the beginning - the audio starts at 0:00:10.

Enjoy. We'll be doing more of these in the near future.

Mr. Hume

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Festival Is Coming!

The fall festival will take place in KIS on October 31. This is a traditional celebration of Halloween. Students of every age are invited. There will be games, prizes and different kinds of food. It is a promising event.

Everybody is welcome to wear a costume to this event. Our objective is to deliver many emotions and positive memories to our youngest participants. Thus, there will be an atmosphere of the real Halloween. There will be fall decorations, of course: pumpkins, spider nets, and many more. If anyone has any ideas, do not be hesitant to contact the any STUCO or NHS members. We will be happy to hear your ides!

The NHS is going to organise interesting activities. Among them is the angry birds activity which is an extremely engaging activity. People ranging from small kids to adults will have an opportunity to shoot from the catapult. The NHS team will make sure that this activity will be safe. 

In addition, the NHS team will be happy to contribute to the school society by organising outer activities: there will be many pleasant and sweet prizes for everybody!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees: Guest Speaker, Mr. Oldrich Andrysek

By Sayuri Iwasaki

In October 8th during 5 period, a special guest speaker, Mr. Oldrich Andrysek who works for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHRC) came to KIS for the 11 year old assembly in the dramatorium. 

This is a guest speaker, Mr. Oldrich Andrysek. 

He asked students what people have to do for helping refugees around the world. Many students raised their hands to answer, and Mr. Oldrich Andrysek was listening the students' voices intently.  

He was listening to the answers of all the students who raised 
their hands to answer his questions.  

This is Mr. Oldrich Andrysek's assistant, Ms. Ivan. 
She talked about the hard situation of refugees in Ukraine.

Many students came to the dramatorium to see Mr. Oldrich Andrysek.

Mr. Oldrich Andrysek showed us his smile when 
a student said an interesting answer.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Little Women" Play Preparations

Some would find it incredible to hear how surprisingly well the preparations for this little play are going. Mrs. Jones who is in charge of the preparations says "We are halfway done" in their rehearsals, and that so far, nothing "out of the ordinary" has happened yet that would in any way slow everything down for the "Little Women" play.

It is now known that costumes are being handled, sets are being built, and the props are being listed and delivered to the school. What's even more relieving is that one of the main casts Stacy Zeegers has already memorized the majority of the second half of the play (Act II) and that the "Swing Actors" who supervise the ones who couldn't make it, have also memorized the majority of the script.

According to Mrs. Jones, it is absolutely normal to be nervous before the play even if its weeks away. What's more surprising is that the Staff members are more nervous than the actors, though Mrs. Jones doesn't see this as a disadvantage for anyone in the play.

Monday, October 6, 2014


Today High School Girls played against PSI. Last time girls lost against them and this game was very important for Lady Kozaks. For the first part of the game it was 0-0, though after 5 minute break girls showed their skills and scored two goals!
Great job,Kozaks!
We want to wish girls a successful game with KCA on Wednesday.

Mr. Hefley and Mr. Plasil have been interviewed. They have been teaching science in KIS the last year. However, this year they support the QVS online services. I tried to find out what are their new responsibilities and their feelings about their new positions.

Hello Mr. Hefley.

Mr. Hefley
Hello Pasha, nice to meet you again.

Thank you. Let me ask you several questions. Firstly, what are your new responsibilities?

Well, technically speaking, my new title is QSI virtual learning support. I have several things that I’m responsible for in two different ares. One is I teach 3 online classes: Ap bio, bio, and environmental studies. And so I have to prepare for those classes and follow up the curriculum and track the progress of my students. That’s on one side

, and on the other, I am responsible for teachers training. Mainly moodle. So, every QSI school has its own website. I am the one who is responsible for maintaining and developing these websites. 
In addition, I am responsible for training teachers how to use these websites. A lot of what I do is basically online. And then, with regard to the training, I do, webinars - virtual training. But then, I also do an on sight training, where I travel to different schools. For instance, couple of weeks ago I was in Sarajevo. This evening, as a matter of fact, I go to Tbilisi, Georgia. I will train teachers there. At the end of the month I have to go to Ljubljana, and then in November, Im going to travel to China, then to Thailand, and then to Bratislava. After all the business trips I will return to Kiev where I will continue working online.

Are you exited about visiting so many places?

Im exited about it, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. But I will be very tired by the end of the journey as well. But in general, I enjoy my job.

Where do your students come from?

I have 3 students from Yerevan, I believe I had a student from Tbilisi. I also have two students from Venezuela. Oddly enough, I used to teach one of them in elementary school. Sometimes, when I think about it, it makes me feel very old. I also have a students from Belize,Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Thailand. Since I have students from so many countries, sometimes it is difficult to figure out the time when I can make conferences with them, because everybody lives in a different time zone.

Do you think that’s a good idea to study online the subjects you want, or it’s better to study subjects that are offered in school?

Well, if a subject is offered in the school, I would recommend to take it in a basic class. It is a 21st century however, and more and more students are taking online classes. And especially, when you graduate, when you go to college, I guarantee you that you will take at least one online class, and then probable, more then likely, many. So right now, I would recommend that if school is not offering a particular class, then, I think, you should take it online. I think that every student right now, in the high school, should graduate with at least having taken one online class. Because as I’ve said, when you go to college, you are going to be exposed more to it a lot more.

Alright, thank you Mr. Hefley.

Let’s now move on to Mr. Plasil. Hello Mr. Plasil
Mr. Plasil

Hello Pasha.

Is it a good idea for teenagers to take online classes?

Students, especially if they are teenagers, have a difficult time taking online courses. Even when I took online classes as an adult, I had a hard time. After the work day it was difficult to come home and make myself study. So we try to make sure that teenage online students have a period scheduled every day for that online course, to study it at school, within a regular class schedule. But there still needs to be a person monitoring them. Otherwise they use computer and go to Facebook, and read news… I think soon Mr. Helfey and I will have this new responsibility for us to watch KIS online students. Because right now, they are basically assigned in safety netting course. 

What are your responsibilities?

My first responsibility is to teach online classes. I teach three usual online classes. However, I do not have any AP classes. I want to develop AP physics next year though. 

From my experience, online AP courses do not go that well. What about QVS?

We did not have a good experience with AP courses being offered last year. So we dropped most of the AP courses we were offering, except AP biology (taught by Mr. Hefley) and AP art history. Okay, so that was one of my responsibilities. The other responsibility is that I administer this virtual school for the entire QSI system. Right now, I’m an officer representative. So half of my day, I do paper work, where I enrol students in my online courses, and other paperwork. I am also a director of instruction in QSI virtual school. So I have to make sure that the grades get in on time. I do exactly the same job as Mrs. Bogush right now for KIS. I have the QVS grade program, where all of the grades and units go into. Also, I have to manually put a grade for every single unit, for every single QVS student. The number of students taking online courses is approximately 140. So it is 1400 units. 
Mr. Snyder was the director of QVS school last year. And after he left, his job was divided into 4 different positions. That’s how much work he was doing. But I think that mine and Mr. Hefley’s job could be also divided into several full times positions. At least right now. I feel like a fireman sometimes. There is a fire starting everywhere and I have to put it out everywhere. For instance, there is a parent-teacher conference soon, and so I have to put all of the grades. That is what I am doing today. And then a new units starts, and so I have to put new units online for my students. So generally, the beginning of the year is the most difficult. That’s the time when we have to enrol students, when we have to make sure that the moodle program is running fine. 

Are there any other QVS offices for QSI schools around the world?

No, we are the only one!

Thanks a lot for the interview!

Pasha Lisovyi

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Elementary Students: Recess at the Blacktop

By Sayuri Iwasaki

  When the break started, the elementary students flew out of their class rooms and
 started playing games at the blacktop. The children's smiles cheered me up!! Through their break time, I learned the importance of enjoying playing games together with your friends.

"Be Enthusiastic About Playing Soccer"

"My Best Friend"

"Playing Together Under The Beautiful Sun"

"How Well Can You Throw The Ball?"

"Playing Tag With Her Friends"

"I Will Protect My Friends!!"