Friday, January 10, 2014

Introducing Media I's New Radio Program -- "R&R"

Hi there! Mr. Hume here!!

Welcome back!! Hopefully everyone had a great holiday break.

I'm pleased to show you the newest media platform we're exploring in the Media I class. Last term we focused hard on The Announcements and writing text-based stories and articles for KIS Today. Starting in the new year, we're going to dial back the text and work our way into audio and (eventually) some video as well.

This post marks the launch of our new 'radio' show, which we call --

Those of you who did well in the Puzzle Solving Contest will be able to dope out where that name came from fairly quickly, I hope.

The first episode is an attempt to capture the post-performance buzz the cast and crew of A Christmas Carol was feeling on closing night. Mr. Hume interviewed as many people as he could at Ms. Marianna's desk while pizza was being devoured at the far end of the Secondary Office. (Which is why the sound quality on the interviews is a bit sub-par in some places.)

At the end of that, he had a 45 minute audio file which Rebecca meticulously diced up into the nuggets of meaning you're about to hear in GarageBand, then dropped that into iMovie and added some of Lala and Mrs. Hume's photos of the rehearsals and performance. (Radia was away for the first short week back, so she didn't get to work on the audio editing, but she did a fair bit of work on the top-of-show cue for the R&R series. Look for more of her work when she gets back!!)

We hope you enjoy this post, and look forward to more.

And now, without further ado ...