Tuesday, March 4, 2014

GeMun 2014

Genoa Model United Nations 2014
Rebecca Rommen

Model United Nations is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about politics and how to attain world peace. It's a simulation of the United Nations organization, in which students get to represent nations and NGOs. 13 KIS students were fortunate enough to attend this year's conference in Genoa, Italy- the 11th annual 'GeMUN'. It's affiliated with THIMUN (The Hague conference), and is open to all secondary students. They were the proud delegates of Greece (Joyce, Chiara, Shi, Maryna), North Korea (Daniel, Rebecca, Radia, Joe), Vietnam (Greg, Amanda, Kunal, Vik,), and the World Bank (Gio). Spread out in different conferences in different venues (including the Security Council, Special Conference, Mediterranean Conference, Environment Commission, etc.), they passed resolutions, argued against detractors, and worked together with allies from different schools. Some of our delegates even plucked up the courage to make speeches at the General Assembly! The conference was a great success, and the students made lots of great memories in Italia. Going strong!