Friday, March 28, 2014

Recognition Rally 2014

Recognition Rally 2014
Rebecca Rommen

Students and teachers spilled into the packed dramatorium, chatting as they (unsuccessfully) scoured for a free spot. Despite the discomfort of a floor-seating view of the stage, school spirit was noticeably present among students and staff members alike.

On March 19th the second HS ‘Recognition Rally’ of the 2013-2014 school-year was held. What is a Recognition Rally? We asked a few audience members.

Mr. Blaho (director of instruction): “A Recognition Rally joins students together to recognize their achievements of the past term. Sports and activities teams were welcomed onto the stage to the sound of their peers’ applause.”

Shihyun Kim (IB senior): “To skip class? I don’t know, man.”

Nick Ponomarenko (IB junior): “Basically we just clapped for 45 minutes to celebrate our accomplishments for this quintile.”

Carmen Cirillo (sophomore): “We, uhm, how do you say? Different groups of people went on stage and we clapped and talked about what they did well.”