Thursday, March 20, 2014

Visit From a Journalist

Visit From a Journalist
Rebecca Rommen

“Everyone has a thousand pages of crap in them.”

Isaac Webb, Kyiv Post writer, gave a lecture in Mrs. Lepouttre’s classroom of the KIS middle school containers. A few middle school classes and teachers attended his presentation on Tuesday, March 18.

Webb, 22, moved to Kyiv in September of 2013 to cover a news story on human rights for the handicapped in Soviet Ukraine. Just a few months after his first publication in Kyiv, political tension transitioned into a revolution. Webb has been actively reporting on the turmoil and unstable conditions of Ukraine ever since.

He and his friend Chris, who teaches English at a university on the outskirts of Kyiv, both discussed the current situation in Crimea and elsewhere in Ukraine, and how it affects their careers. They discussed correspondence between them and foreign journalists in Russia, and their different perspectives on the same situation. Webb talked a lot about when to abstain from using opinions and keep articles purely factual, and under what circumstances personal perspectives are in order.

Webb gave vital advice on writing – including the thousand-pages-of-crap spiel his father had always given him as a student. Once you’ve hit a thousand pages of writing, once all that bad writing’s been channeled onto paper, the good writing flows in.

All classes attending learned a lot and had a great time.