Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 Research Symposium

2014 Research Symposium
Rebecca Rommen

Feeble hands gripping flashcards, nervous gazes avoiding their audiences; voluntary juniors and seniors (and one brave sophomore, Tahmina) presented their extended essays, IB films, and research papers to Secondary II through IV students (the unfortunate freshmen got to attend classes) on April 15th.
With topics ranging from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary to refugees’ rights in Ukraine to the importance of CO2, all presentations were thorough and conveyed a solid point to the audiences.

According to Mrs. Morgan, IB teacher, “…
 [the symposium] is the culmination of a year-long research project where students present the results of their research, to let students know about the research process and to show off the results they obtained.” She “hopes [the audience]
’ll be interested in doing their own research, and that attending teachers will be inspired to teach their own students more about good research.”
Dijana Spasenoska (Macedonian), IB senior, supported the refugees in Ukraine’s rights. She discussed her work with a charitable refugee assistance organization “Rokada” affiliated with UNHCR, and gave us an inside perspective on the refugees’ adversities. Students and teachers left Mr. Bryan’s classroom wiser than they had upon entering, Dijana having earned an overall acclamation.

“Researching about refugees was very exciting at the beginning because I started something completely unfamiliar to me. However, as I was researching I realized that their life is very difficult and i tried to present that problem to as many institutions as possible. I was very excited [to present] because that was my last high school presentation. Plus it was about my extended essay, something that I worked on for 2 years and I really enjoyed. So the feeling while presenting in front of my classmates, teachers and parents was great!” – Dijana

              In conclusion, all presenters and attendees gained a lot from the experience and it was a well-spent day for everyone (except the freshmen).

Dijana Spasenoska

Audience Members