Friday, May 16, 2014

The Aristocats: Review

The Aristocats: Review
Rebecca Rommen

Kristina Jones’ theatrical adaptation of The Aristocats spanned 30 minutes, featuring over a dozen eager elementary cast-members. Jones brought the younger students creative and expressive opportunities. Jones’ official title read “director” but in reality the “director” was a blend of mixed talents – secondary drama students, faculty members, and teachers cooperated and merged their endowments to produce an amusingly adorable musical. Robert Litwin (Sec IV) controlled the soundtrack from the back of the dramatorium, next to Inna Petrova (Sec I) who managed the lighting, Ivanna Shevel (Sec I), Maria Rogova (Sec II), and Mariya Kostyuk (Sec IV) painted whiskers on rosy cheeks. Nastya Zamorska (Sec II) and Audrey Paugh (Sec III) were in charge of costumes. Genevieve Roby (8th grade) and Susanna Maly (Sec I) designed the set. Larisa Lastovych assisted the kids with their vocal capabilities, and Traci Stele was stage manager.

Overall, it was a half hour well spent. The actors sang and danced and entertained the audience members – some scenes worked better than others, however, and due to time restraint some choreography and stage blocking was less polished and rehearsed than at other times.

Zachary (O'Malley)
Aristocats Cast
Abby Gauntlett (Butler Edna)

However the musical exhibited some very adept kids – potential future Broadway actors and actresses, and future Emmy nominees. Memorable performers included Reagan Skaggs as Duchess, an amazing dancer and actress, Zachary as O’Malley who amused the audience with his charm, Abby Gauntlett the amazing actress as Edna the Butler, and Nikol the adorable mouse.
It was a successful production and all attendees were proud of KIS’ performing arts department.