Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Humans Of KIS

What was your guys first impression of each other?

Whats your favourite thing about your soccer team?

Olga: "She was too polite and not one who would be a trouble maker"
Maria: "I met you because of Nasty, I thought you were nice we were in the gym it was middle school and we were playing basketball for an activity. 
Dasha: "Yeah you were playing basketball and I thought you were polite and pretty and so yeah."
Olga: "Impression? I dont know but its too personal and I don't want to give out secrets. But yeah she was emotional sensitive and different things."

Why did you all become friends?
"Because we have a lot of similarities like fried chicken""We all like shopping and we ghetto"

“If you could have anyone over for dinner who would it be?”
“Oh Truly?! Anyone I want?”
“Anyone and they would come?”
“Yep they would come”
“Prince Albert of Monaco. He used to go and stay next to my grandmothers cottage in main because of a friend of his in college. It seemed like there were times when I was going to meet prince albert and I never got to meet him. Our paths would never crossed but he would go have dinner at my grandmothers and he said yeah I would love to meet your granddaughter but it just never worked. Now could be a time that we could reminisce over my grandmother. It would be really fun cause I have never met a prince before.”

*pulls head phones out*
*puts them back in*

How long have you been playing guitar?
"Oh for 5 or six years I don't know I can't count right now I'm running on coffee."
What is your favourite thing about a guitar?
"I love the strings because when you pluck them you get this feeling in your fingers like plucking strings and it makes a sound and stuff and I think thats something really amazing. You don't see it anywhere else of course except for vocal chords and sounds."

What is your favourite thing about school?
Philip: "I love to procrastinate and do nothing."
*Mr. Legan walks by*
Philip: "It's of course the hard work we make to help achieve our dreams"
Mr Legan: "Good answer"
Philip: " I just told her what you wanted to hear"

What is the most important thing your mom taught you?
"Ummm can you ask me a different question?"
Sure, What do you want to be when you grow up?
"I want to be a computer mechanics because I’m interested in computers."


Today I had a chance to interview one of the most talented soccer player I've ever met- Frane Vidosevic. At the age of 14 he started playing in Kyiv Dynamo, the most popular Ukrainian Soccer club. I asked Frane about his beginning in soccer and future plans…

- When did you start playing soccer?
-When I was in first grade, about 6-7 years old. A young fellow I was, with big dreams. That soon became reality...

- Did you choose to play soccer or it was your parents decision? 
-It was my decision supported by my dad

- Who inspired you to play soccer? 
-My family has been a soccer family historically and I always felt a close connection to the sport.

- How did you get in Dynamo? 
-A scout brought me there to a tryout. He knew me from when I was in Italy so when I came here he brought me to Dynamo. So I continue playing soccer

- What's your biggest achievement? 
-I scored the winning goal for Dynamo in Cup game. A long distance shot in the right top corner.However I also consider playing for Dynamo on a regular basis as a great achievement in life

- Are you planning to continue? Tell about your future plans.
-I plan on playing soccer in the future as long as it makes me happy.I would play pro or college, we'll see how things turn out in the following year.

- Say something about KIS Varsity boys team. What are you plans for CEESA?
- We plan to go there and represent this school, city, and country. We will give all we've got to earn the 1st place trophy because we believe we have the skills and preparation to do it. 


We want to thank Frane for his Interview and wish him to achieve all his goals! 

The Small Defeat

From left to right (Amber, Ivanna, Albina, Tahmina, Maria, Sasha, Miranda, Maya, Polina and Molly. Some of the athletes are missing in this picture) 

  The high school girls played a soccer game against UKR 1 where they were defeated 4-1 on Friday     September 26, 2014.

   The girls were all ready and eager to play, not knowing what was going to occur. The teams hadn’t played each other before so everyone was just going to play their best. The tension was high at the start of the whistle. The game was on, the players were engaged and the coaches were on their toes. The audience started with just a few fans. After the game progressed, the stands were filled with people clapping and cheering for the Kozaks. Why did such an audience develop, you may ask? Was it a good game? Did the Kozaks need the support? Or was it just because no one had anything better to do? Being a player on the team, I would say it was all of the above. We were fighters and I think that’s pretty much all I can say. We did lose but it is okay because it motivated us to improve not only in our skills but how we presented ourselves on the field. We got beat but we kept our heads up and kept wondering when our next game with them was. We found out that no matter what the team is like, doing your personal best will always feel better even if you lose. It just means you will try harder next time.