Friday, September 26, 2014

Mr. Legan's interview

Who is Mr. Legan

Question: Where do you come from?
Mr. Legan: I’m from Cleveland Ohio, in the States.  

Question: What impacted you to make a decision to work with children?
Mr. Legan: Well, I really liked reading and literature. I had a passion for it. And so I started as an english teacher and writing teacher, because I wanted to share this passion. Because I had some teachers in my life who had helped me, so I wanted to give it back.
Question: How long have you worked with children?
Mr. Legan: Let’s say 18-19 years

Question: Do you like KIS so far?

Mr. Legan: I love it. This is a fantastic place. Not only for me, because I have great students, staff, and parents, but my kids love it as well. I have two kids that have great experience here.

Question: What about Kyiv, how do you like the city so far?
Mr. Legan: Well, I enjoy it and its much safer and much more beautiful than I expected. I think the rest of the world has a different image, so coming here I’ve seen quite a lot of beauty, and good food, and think work very well. So I’ve liked it.

Question: Will you continue an only english policy during the duration of the entire school day?
Mr. Legan: Yeah, we have an english only policy that is to encourage people to share the common language. And so we will uphold this policy. I don't like it to be punitive, where people are punished for speaking their native language. I think its just a matter of not excluding any people.  

Question: What are some possible changes to school policies in a short time perspective?
Mr. Legan: Me being new here, I’m interested in seeing how this school runs and as I see needs, I will look to make changes. But I don't foresee anything in the near future.

Pasha Lisovyi