Sunday, September 21, 2014


This picture has a story. A teacher is watching kids working on a drill, while one of the kids stars the drill. What is important about the picture is that the main action is happening on the right side of the picture.

This picture is interesting because the are two main objects- the kid and the coach. Kid is trying to score, while a coach gives a scary look to the other kid. The other interesting point of the picture is that the kid is on the main focus, while coach is blurry, though when people see a picture they pay attention to coach first. 

 When you look at the picture you can create a story in your head. We don't know at what exactly boys are looking, though their face expression can help us figure it out.

In this picture everybody pays attention to the coach. Kids are listening to him, just like people who are going next to the field. On the picture we see two teams- orange and purple which tells a little story about the practice. 

Boy's face expression is the main thing in the picture. We see how hard he tries to get the ball and that he is really into it.I cropped this picture so people's attention would be on the main action- boy who is chasing the ball. Main action happens right in the middle and colors play the important role in the picture.