Monday, September 29, 2014

Fedora Friday: Its Origins, its Development and its Future

After talking with Secondary students, George Iosseliani and Nick Ponomarenko, I was able to gather more information on the new event spread around High School called 'Fedora Friday'. Its idea developed when the boys were in their P.E. class and they were playing Ultimate Frisbee. With the frisbees flying around the area, the boys started thinking about words that start with 'F' and suddenly they came up with 'Fedora'. And then finally Nick exclaimed 'Friday' and then they were able to come up with 'Fedora Friday'. When they first asked everybody to wear their fedoras on Friday, it went viral and soon everybody wanted to participate but now that the event is starting to fade out, the boys are thinking about advertising the event and are now coming up with ideas on how to exactly do that. Stay tuned for more Fedora news.