Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hi, I'm Robert Litwin 'n' welcome to KIS

My name is Robert Litwin, and I'm from Poland. I'm actually multi-national if you take in account the places I lived. Because of my Dad's job, I was born and raised in Rome, Italy for a few years until we moved back to Poland. After that, a marathon. I've spent the next 3 year in Moscow, Russia and then back in Poland for 2 years, then another 3 years in Minsk, Belarus, and than another 2 years in Poland again until finally I've been sent here in Kiev, Ukraine.

Every time me and my family moved to another country, I had to go to a different school. This is however my last year in Kiev. After that, Collage awaits me in Scotland.

Since this is my last year in this school, I would like to share some impressions and thoughts on a few events at school or even in the worlds. As long as I'll have something to say off course.

PS: Despite my portrait, I do have a sense of humor and I do know what a smile look like, I'm not like a depressed person or a Goth or an Emo or anything.