Monday, September 29, 2014

Humanitarian Club

 On Thursday I attended a Humanitarian Club meeting and was very pleasantly surprised. It is the club that everyone should join. Humanitarian Club is something unique in our school and it gives students a chance to make a difference in the world. Mr. Burke, middle school teacher and a public helper, made a big speech in regard of helping war refuges and their families.

Also I managed to interview Mary Demmy who is the leading teacher and organizer of help club. 

Me: What’s the purpose of Help Club?

Mary Demmy: HELP club stands for Humanitarian, Environmental , Leadership, Program Importantly, We have both Humanitarian ( helping those in need ) and Environmental goal (ie recycling, composting)

Me: How things are done in Help Club?

Mary Demmy: We have weekly meetings and a variety of projects to fulfill our goals and missions.

Me: What’s your job as a supervising teacher?

Marry Demmy: The adviser should encourage the leadership of students and support their efforts to serve the missions of the club.

Me: What are some upcoming projects?

Mary Demmy: Sept 29th Bake Sale Sept 29- Oct 17th - Food and clothing drive for Refugees October 10th-Miracle Minute in competition with Pechersk to raise funds for Refugees Recycling throughout the year.

Me: What’s the job of a president of Help Club?

Mary Demmy: The president should organize and encourage the members to remain involved and responsibly fulfill commitments to the club.

Me: What are some successful projects of last year?

Mary Demmy: Recycling, park clean up, helping the Philippines (gave 1600 USD, helping LOGOS raise money for refugees (coin drive), Cancer walkathon fundraiser, compost presentation, babysitting fundraiser and many bake sales.

Me: What’s the job of every member of the Help Club?

Mary Demmy: To show care for others and the environment , become involved, feel great about helping !!!! and be responsible about commitments.

Here are some photos from that meeting.