Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Profile of Mr. Filatov

On September 25, I interviewed Mr. Filatov, safety netting teacher, about why he became a teacher. He has been teaching students at KIS for 7 years and a half, which is since the very beginning of his career. In the beginning of 2007, Mr. Filatov started thinking about becoming a teacher. And in September of the same year, he was offered to teach English in KIS. At the beginning, he felt a difficulty in organizing students and communicating with students.  However after overcoming these difficulties, he is now extremely helpful to the students in solving any difficulties they might have in  their study.

 “When I see students working hard for finishing up their homework, I become very happy. And that's the happiest moment in teaching students”, said Mr. Filatov. When I questioned his career goals in the future, he answered with his warm smile that he still wants to continue teaching students at KIS as long as possible. Teachers like Mr. Filatov are of extreme value to the educational system as they don’t only teach, they inspire students to develop their talents.

By Sayuri Iwasaki