Friday, September 19, 2014

Kyiv Junior Soccer Training

The following Pictures were chosen by me as the top 5 of the hundreds that were taken that day.

This image is showing the juniors warming up for their game, that was said to be even more intense than their warm up. We can see every player having their own ball, and practicing; Two in the background are preparing and observing, to make sure they won't make a mistake. One on the right is also looking pretty eager to push himself far. And finally one in the middle, shows everyone the summary of what's about to happen next.

Another picture of the juniors warming up for their game. This time we can see the Score board, which was soon going to start adding point from 0 to whatever would be the amount of points on each side. It was bound to be lots. Also notice that the same person with a blue jacket is sitting in the background, and just like in the previous picture, he's holding a magazine but doesn't read it, proving his excitement about the game.

A great shot of goal-practice. The ball in the near-right-bottom corner is about to fly at the camera. Seeing how well the junior takes the shot, it is about to fly pretty fast. Also notice the flying ball on the left. This clearly means that a lot is going on, and it's true. Every junior was practicing that day.

This is a great shot that was taken with perfect timing. During the warm up, the junior kicked the ball right at the goal with perfect aim. You can clearly see the ropes of the goal getting blurry at the bottom of the picture. The ball, may be not on the picture, but even without it, we can see that it was a perfect shot. Let's hope that a shot that great occurred during the game too.

The final image showing more of the soccer-field than the others, and not only of the soccer-field. You can see the open skies with not a single cloud on them, and you can see the great buildings under an un-straight angle, giving us a sense of large space. Also, this junior being on the other side of the ropes of the goal, gives us an impression that all the juniors are almost "trapped" on the soccer-field, until the game is over. While this kind of a hidden message wouldn't be that good, it still works for the topic.